Is There Still Time To Do Some Halloween DIYs??

Is There Still Time To Do Some Halloween DIYs??

My kids and I will probably be at home, watching some ridiculous & non-kid-friendly movie like Chucky (thanks to dad) for Halloween night.

We don’t celebrate halloween and we don’t hand out candy. What is with that, anyways?! No parent lets their kids eat that amount of candy on aaannnny other day of the year and then we overdose on it come Oct. 31. lol. My kids are naturally hyper, no need to add sugar to the mix. Anyways….

We did, however paint some pumpkins because I love a good craft and pumpkins can, basically, be bought anywhere around this time. If your kids are still really young like mine, you might be leaning towards some non-cut options for your pumpkin decorating.

Remember when I wrote about starting up my small party business, Alice & Eddy Party? Well, I posted a pretty cool halloween DIY over there are that blog. You can check it out here.

If you decide to give it a try, post some photos here or over on the A&EP blog. I would love to see!

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Small Business Markets in Houston

Small Business Markets in Houston

I have found that becoming a mother made me mindful of the local economy. I didn’t say moreĀ mindful because, well, I don’t know that I thought about it at all before becoming a mother. It’s kind of funny in a way. Children, in all their innocence and fearlessness, make you look a little more closely at the world you (and they) are actually living in.

For me, that showed up in my lifestyle in multiple forms. Like supporting local small business markets! The kids love it because I tend to give them a little more room to move around and I love it because they are rarely super packed (a good and bad thing!) so I get to let my kids roam a little more freely.

It’s also really cool to hear the different vendor’s stories; how they came in to business, what inspired them, where they come from, how they make their goods. Most of them are working out of their homes on a one or two-man (or woman) team. Small business it its literal sense.

Gotta love it.

Eating at these markets is great because everything is fresh and made from scratch so I don’t have to worry about any yucky chemicals or junk. Clean eating is also a new journey for me…I am far far faaar from the finish line. I still enjoy a random trip to get french fries and a biscuit from Popeyes but I am working on it. Anyways, I’m always proud of myself when I have success like eating yummy and healthy treats with the kids.

Another plus in visiting these markets is there is almost always vendors from other parts of the world– people who live in America and visit their home lands and bring back beautiful textiles and other creations. I also love exposing my kids to people who don’t look or sound like they do; letting them hear their stories and soak it all in in other ways than buying something. (Even though we did buy that adorable hand-made purse. Dang it!)

After all, I believe that ignorance cannot stand against exposure. <3

The weather is bearable here in Texas but, man, let me tell you, I am too ready for some fall weather. Then, we will really be hitting the streets.

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