I may be a little late to picking out my favorite swimsuits but, the truth is, I like to wait until the summer sales to snag new swimsuits; I live in Texas, yall. It’s hot….always. We have pool weather 9 months out of the year so I’m never in a rush to purchase swimsuits. LOL.

Anyways, the kids latest swimsuits just came in the mail yesterday so I wanted to put together all of the options I had been eyeing for the past couple of months and share them with you all!

sunny color block trunks – Minnow Swim

hazelnut stripe boardie – Minnow Swim

Leo Rashguard – Folpetto

bears & stripes trunks – Piccoli Principi

Texas neon lights – Chubbies

hipster board shorts – Billabong

neon green trunk – June & January

I’m putting together a round-up of my favorite girl swimsuits and that should be up in a few days. Meanwhile, me and the kiddos will be soaking up the sun, getting tans, drinking lots of water and having a blast for the next couple of months.

Last summer we did some serious traveling and but summer 2019 has been a season of staying put, playing league sports and spending our time locally. We’ve barely made our way 3 hours north to visit my husband’s family. Sometimes, it’s just the best decision to keep yourself rooted.

Maybe a holiday trip will be something to consider once the temperature lowers; maybe not.

Honestly, I’m just happy and content with staying poolside…..and home. 🙂

Until next time,


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