I rounded up my favorite bows. I’ve been wanting to do this list for some time and, with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner (meaning that family photos are probably coming up, right?), I figured it was the perfect time to round ’em up!

Y’all know I love supporting small businesses and mama-ran companies so (surprise, surprise!) this list falls very squarely in that lane. If you know of any bow brands that you absolutely love, please share them below! I’m always looking to discover and support new brands.

Also, what other accessories are your kids loving? Milly is an accessory princess, for sure. I’m raising a diva! LOL. She loves bows, necklaces, bracelets, purses…..she also “loves” sunglasses but she never wears them longer than a few moments. I think she loves the look but hasn’t gotten used to how they dim the sun and everything she looks at. Ha!

Anyways, without further ado, here’s the list!

1 -Lanay + Co – You can shop by style or all styles at once and there are so many great options. I’m a sucker for stripes and the seersucker material on this bow is gorgeous.

2 -Because of Zoe – This brown, textured bow is so beautiful and great for Fall/Winter months. You can choose an elastic headband or clip as well as the size/style for the fabric. I also love their mission: “Helping moms celebrate the JOY of childhood through the handcrafted hair bow.” I mean, how wonderful is that?

3 -Zozu Baby – Trendy, Seasonal and really cute. I love the barrettes that they’ve designed; they’re a household fave.

4 -OPAL + FIG – The color combinations on these bows are beautiful. I’d be willing to bet that you will find a perfect bow for your little one, regardless of her style.

5 -Ellia May Designs – Scalloped and tortious print combo? Yes, please! I loooooove this barrette and there are so many other amazingly cute clips and bows on the site.

6 -Baby Jives – Seriously, I’m obsessed with these clips. They are very whimsical and centered around fairy tale creatures; they have shimmer and ribbon…I mean, what’s not to love?

7 -Mae & Skye Co – Classic styles and prints. Nothing too trendy. The alligator clips used on these are great quality and can hold a nice amount of Milly’s super thick/coily hair.

8 -Lali – means “little darling” in Hindi has beautifully hand-drawn printed bows, rich in color and culture,  and I love them.

Are there any other bow shops that you love? I’m always open to expanding my bow obsession.

Until Next Time!


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