Being a working mom is no joke. Being a stay at home mom is no joke either.

I’ve done both; I’ve loved and hated both at different points in time.

I had just been accepted into a Master’s program at TAMU when I found out that I was pregnant with RJ. Not the best timing, sure, but I’m not one to give up on my goals just because some unexpected things happen. I transferred to the online program and moved home to take advantage of in-network insurance coverage under my parent’s insurance (thanks mom and Obama!).

Once RJ was born I moved to Houston with my husband. Since I was studying for my Master’s degree, I became a SAHM and focused on RJ and getting that degree. (Minus the time that I took a two-week temp job with the NBA because, well, it was the NBA!)

Being a SAHM mom is hard enough but add a master’s degree program to that? I spent many a nights holding an infant in one hand and typing a paper with the other. Can you imagine how long it takes to type out 10 pages with one index finger?! It’s not fun; or quick!

I had Makenzie about 18 months later and it took me four years to finish my degree. But I did! Anyways…

I started working when my degree program required an internship out of me. Makenzie was 1 and RJ was 2. That internship turned into part time work. So, there I was, part-time marketing associate for the Houston Rockets, full-time mommy to an infant and toddler and still pursuing my degree.

I went full-time career and officially moved out of the SAHM life. It was hard for me. A large part of that came from the fact that Makenzie was so independent. It seemed like the separation was harder for me than it was for her. I would take my lunch breaks and go peak into her classroom’s window at the daycare just to see her. I was a wreck. RJ was different; he gave just enough hesitation when walking into his classroom. He hugged me just long enough to make me feel like he was going to miss me a lot while I was gone. Somehow, that helped me through the day. Makenzie wouldn’t even wave goodbye to me. lol.

And that was my life: drop-offs, work, pick-ups. And then I quit! I talked about it a couple of weeks back here.

Fast froward to present day and I am back on the SAHM scene….with Toddlers. Good-ness. They both have great vocabularies (which means they have A LOT to say), they both can walk now (and run and jump), they both have different tastes in music and tv shows and food!

The point is, it’s different this time around. They need me in a completely different way at 3 and 4 than they did at 1 and 2. Not any more or less and not in a simpler or more difficult way. Just different. I didn’t fall right back into place like I never left like I assumed I would. There is definitely a learning curb. But I’m enjoying it. I wonder if other parents have gone through things like this and what their experiences are/were?

All I know is that I’m re-learning this role. It’s quite a journey.

Until next time,


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