5 Things Mom Is Doing For Herself As An Individual in 2020

5 Things Mom Is Doing For Herself As An Individual in 2020

It feels weird for me to say that my “new year’s resolution” is to prioritize myself. I don’t think that pegging it into the hole of resolutions does this decision justice. Yes, I came to this conclusion at the very end of last year, but it felt more like a real shift in the intention for my life than something that I wanted to attain. It was less of a goal and more of what my life became at that moment.

I simply became more unapologetically interested in myself and my own happiness. It was a wonderful shift and, in this shift, I have found some really enjoyable ways to take care of myself. Some of the ways I am self-care are a little stressful and uncomfortable but that is part of growth.

This is not that list.

This is a list of easy, breezy, enjoyable things that will relax you, make you smile, and elevate your journey through taking care of ‘self. Remember that you are worth investing in too.

Don’t just survive motherhood — thrive.

So Here’s The List:

5 Things Mom Should Do For Herself This Year

1. Take Yourself To Lunch. Date Yourself.

I love vegetarian food. My husband is a bonafide carnivore. He would eat steak and potatoes or oxtails and rice every day if he could. I, on the other hand, love vegan nachos and mushroom and spinach quesadillas. Needless to say, we hardly every agree (right away) on where we should sit down to eat a nice lunch or dinner and since the kids lean more into meat than I do, I’m usually the one compromising.

Now, I take myself on lunch dates. I go to the vegetarian restaurant with the amazing eggplant parm or the juice stand with the awesome smoothies and I sit alone with my delicious food and my own thoughts and I am soooooo content.

If you don’t try anything else on this list, try this.

2. Enjoy a Mani/Pedi Spa treatment.

Getting a pedicure is pretty standard in adult life. In Texas, a really good pedicure is going to run you about $35- $50 dollars. For an extra $15 – $20 you can elevate your beautification treatment to a spa/relaxation experience.

A spa pedicure is more expensive, yes, but you are paying for the luxury chairs, the aromatherapy foot soak and warm towel for your face, for the extra quiet room and a technician who knows that your pedicure is just an extension of your desire for some quiet R&R.

This isn’t (at least for me) something I can afford to do every time I want a pedicure but every once and a while, I splurge and I love myself for it.

3. Wake Up an hour (or two?) before your kids to enjoy some quality quiet time.

Maybe this sounds too hard and maybe, at first, it will be but the benefits are well worth it. Obviously, I am not saying to force yourself out of bed if your exhausted, that would defeat the purpose of this exercise. If you, on the other hand, slept well and can handle it. get out of bed while the house is still dark and the family is still asleep and get ready for your morning:

  • Set your intentions
  • Drink a glass of cold water to get your metabolism going and help you wake up
  • Go over your to-do list (or write one!)
  • Sit quietly and just enjoy your own thoughts or enjoy the view of your living room without the added anxiety of toys and kids flung around.
4. Move Your Body.

You don’t have to hit the gym or take an Orange Theory class but maybe a nice walk outside will do you some good. Get up from behind your computer and stretch your legs; stretch your entire body even! Good blood flow is important for so many reasons and you will feel better whether you take a casual 30 min walk or an hour spin class, your mood and your body will thank you.

5. Try A New Color.

Hair, lipstick, nail polish, anything! Maybe you have a drawer full of black leggings and sweatshirts; maaaayyybe lean into a rich blue and dark green. You don’t have to go crazy with the change and change doesn’t always have to come after some life-altering experience. Change can happen just because it’s Wednesday and there is fun in that — it’s refreshing — like a breath of fresh air.


Take care of yourself, mama!

Until next time.


Mom Community Monday – Round Up

Mom Community Monday – Round Up

Hey friends! Happy Monday and welcome back to this lovely, weekly round-up of articled that will inspire and inform your journey through motherhood. (At least, that’s what I hope.)

If you follow along with my day-to-day shenanigans on Instagram ( I hope you do! And if you don’t, come on, girl, you should) then you know that my household got hit with the flu and cold season HARD. We spent all of January and some of February sick; when I say “we” I mean, both kids and my husband. I don’t know how I didn’t get sick through it all but I was exhausted and stretched really thin. That whole experience inspired the first couple of articles in this round-up.

An article from The Atlantic speaks on how and why being vaccinated won’t stop the Coronavirus. Scary, I know. Also, how do you know whether or not you have the flu or a common cold this season? This year, it was even more tricky because the specific strain of the flu virus that was going around presented itself with common cold-like symptoms at first. Here is an age-by-age symptom guide by Parents Mag to help you sort through the details.

Serena Williams talked with Huffington Post about motherhood and her experiences in that particular journey of hers and I staaaannnnn. She is just an absolute light and I love here even more these days because Milly idolizes her and uses her as motivation every time she goes to tennis practice. Did I mention that my 5-year-old did her first successful serve and rally last week? I am so proud.

If you are a POC (person of color) then you already know how important it is to have diversity in everyday situations for the positive impact it has on your child. You probably also have very vibrant memories of the first time you felt seen somewhere or in a situation for the first time.  That is important. If you are not a POC, maybe it is something that you haven’t really taken a deep dive into understanding. If I’m honest, most of my white friends didn’t think much about it (because it wasn’t their experience) until the became parents to children of color. Kids can really open your mind, can’t they?! Here is an article by ‘Mother Mag’ that resonated with me and that really delves into why reading diverse books to your kids matters. Speaking of books, a fellow blogger just launched a children’s book focusing on body positivity and it is receiving rave reviews. Here is an awesome write up about ‘Her Body Can’ that I found on Shape Magazine’s website.

Well, that’s it for this week’s round-up. I have so many things planned for Alice On Sunday blog this year and I am so excited to get started now that my kids and my husband are healthy and functioning again. I can’t wait until you see what I have in store.

I hope you found something interesting and or inspiring this week in my Mom Community Monday Round-Up.

Until Next Time!





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