Not Your Typical Father’s Day Gift

Not Your Typical Father’s Day Gift

I could lie and say that I’m always prepared when Father’s Day rolls around but I’m not going to lie to you. I usually stress a little, troll the internet to see if I find something inspiring for the big guy, realize that I’m not really feeling anything anyone has to offer me and then settle into “my good food, good movie with no kids” bit. It’s a genuine hit every year so I’m not complaining.

This year, however, I stepped my game up. The big guy will get to have something tangible and long-lasting. Now, let me preface this with I pass up on partnering with companies that I don’t actually like. I think of myself as a story-teller and I can’t get excited about something that just doesn’t make sense to me or doesn’t fit into my family’s life. SO…with that out of the way, JORD watches are absolutely gorgeous. GORGEOUS. I yell so that you can feel how serious I am.

Prior to this timepiece, my husband owned one, single, watch. A precious piece that was given to him by his father who is a collector. He loves that watch. But when I tell you that he LOVES this watch? It’s true. He was so impressed by his JORD watch, I’d catch him just admiring it during the day, talking about the craftsmanship, the inner-workings that you can see through the face and on and on and on. That fact is impressive because he is not easily impressed with watches. His particular JORD is from the Dover collection but all the collections are amazing.

Past how beautiful the watch is, the packaging is amazing. I’m a packaging freak; I order so much online that I’ve lost the excitement you get from buying things at the store–the instant gratification, if you will. That has been replaced with the “unboxing” of my online purchases. I was definitely jealous watching from the sideline while my husband opened this beauty up.

It really was rewarding for me to gift something both beautiful and meaningful to the man who made me a wife and a mother.

If you want to up your game even more, engrave it! Just a little something extra to put you way over the top this Father’s Day.

If you’re interested (& you should be!) check out the link and enter into my JORD giveaway . The winner will receive $100 off a purchase and all other entries will receive $25.

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P.S. Here are the links for easier access!

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Planting Basketballs

Planting Basketballs

The weather has been nice and begging me & my little ones to go outside and play around. The organization I work for is big on maintaining high environmental standards and we always have cool gifts and giveaways that support “being green”.

Since I work for a basketball team we went for digging up some dirt, and planting some basketballs! Let me explain….

Im not crazy, I swear.



This year, one of our partners created a wildflower seed packet shaped like a basketball. It is thee cutest thing ever.


I got some soil and RJ, Milly & I took to the outdoors to get dirty with my mom. We planted our basketballs & between making sure no one ate dirt or tried to force their sibling to eat dirt *face palm*, I tried to explained to them the life cycle of a plant.

After RJ gave up on waiting for the plant to sprout immediately, we enjoyed a little more time outside: bubble machines, music & running around. It really was a great day.



What are you and your tribe getting into? “Dirt” should always be the answer on Earth Day.





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