Mom Community Monday – Weekly Round-Up

Mom Community Monday – Weekly Round-Up

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you had a great weekend and that your Monday is treating you well. Here is another post for my #MCM segment. Honestly, I have really been enjoying the process of putting these posts together. Sharing information and all the things, I think, is so beneficial in parenthood. Obviously, I am not saying that there is one right way to parent and there may be information that you find here that you disagree with and that is completely fine! I just think that knowledge is power; the more you know, the better you will be and the more your decisions will be informed. It offers me a little comfort in my journey as a mom to do a little research before making decisions for my kids. All this to say, I hope you find inspiration and/or comfort in some of this information.

It takes a village.

With back to school right around the corner, vaccinations have been on my mind lately. As a homeschool parent, vaccines were not a top priority for me. Now that my kids are moving into a charter school situation, I had to take a hard look at what my kids had and had not been exposed to. To be honest, some of the information I found scared the hell out of me. Ultimately, my husband and I got our kids vaccinated and prayed for the best outcome. Here is an article that gives a non-biased (in my opinion), intro to the pros and cons of vaccination and as well as a little history on the subject.

I read this article written by a father about the process of letting his daughter choose what private school to go to; the process of getting in, figuring out what she wanted and what made sense for their family and the balancing act of decision making as a family. I loved it.

I always joke (kinda) that vacationing with kids is just taking care of kids in a different space. This article is a nice read and offers ways to enjoy your vacation more with your kiddos.

This reading list is supposed to help you “not raise a jerk” and I love it. We actually have a couple of the books on the list so I gave myself a congratulatory pat on the pack. Go, me. 🙂 Topics range from cultural difference to body positivity. Find your next read-aloud book on the list!

This bad boy talks about how to stay mindful when your preschooler isn’t and I found that most (if not all) of the points made in this article relate to age ranges outside of toddler-hood. Milly is a firecracker and I will be working on being more mindful with her for sure. It’s a journey, isn’t it?

Share these articles to your mama and papa friends!

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Mom Crush Monday – Weekly Round-Up

Mom Crush Monday – Weekly Round-Up


Idk why I wanted to virtually yell that to everyone but it felt right so there you go. 🙂

Happy Monday! Here is my weekly round-up of articles that focus on different aspects of parenting; a little bit of this and a little bit of that but it’s all good and I hope you find something that interests you.

According to this article, parents get the least sleep when their kids reach these ages…..what? My kids are 5 and 6 and I’ve been sleep deprived for about 5-6 years. lol. I didn’t even know there would be changes in this area of my life until they went off to college but the article made a lot of sense. It also breaks the stats down by mother and father. It’s a good read.

Here is a good article on stranger safety tips to incorporate into conversations with your young children which I found really helpful. Milly is blossoming into a very social spirit which is great but also increasing my anxiety levels because she is very confident in talking with adults. I don’t want to scare her but hadn’t really figured out the right words to say so I had just resorted to redirecting her attention away from the adult (usually a parent of a kid she just made friends with) but I knew I would need to get more direct with her on the subject and this article helped.

There have been some very brief talks about planning a trip to Disney World so, as a mom like me does, I started researching different ways to stay safe and connected with my kids in unfamiliar and busy areas. I found a list of some really great GPS/phone watches that are designed to track your kids down if (God forbid!) you get separated. Some of the watches also allow you to program 2-4 numbers into the device and have an easy touch screen for small fingers.

This article on emotional regulation is lengthy and, if I’m honest, I haven’t finished it but I’ve learned a lot about the science behind emotional intelligence and its regulation.

I was first introduced and fell in love with Kristen Davis in her role as Charlotte in Sex and the City. She was recently on the Red Table Top, talking about her process through adoption and how adopting trans-racially has changed her life. I cried. I also learned a lot. Give it a look-see.

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