Lunch Notes for Back-To-School from Mom & Dad with My Sticker Face

Lunch Notes for Back-To-School from Mom & Dad with My Sticker Face

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that I have been homeschooling my kiddos for a couple of years now. Well….that has all changed. RJ and Milly got accepted into a really good school and we accepted their offers.

The idea of the kids being away from me most of the day has been a rollercoaster of emotions but I’ve taken the opportunity to really pay attention to all the details that go into the things that they take with them to school. With the help of My Sticker Face, I created some really cute lunchbox and backpack notes with my George’s and my face on them. I imagine finding a sweet little note with mommy’s face on it will make my little kindergartener smile. I imagine RJ will think it’s hilarious and laugh really loudly like he does when something is both a surprise and funny to him. Both scenarios put this mama at (a little) ease.

These little notes were soooo easy to make. Go to My Sticker Face and select the package you want ( I chose the sampler sticker sheet so I could have a few different size options.) then upload a photo that shows your face well. They do the rest!

I took different colored card stock, printing paper, a glue stick and colored markers and just got creative!

Now is a great time to order because they are offering 25% off when you use the code ‘HAPPY25’ but the promotion ends on August 20th!

Happy Back-to-School, friends. I hope you have your tissues ready. I know I do!

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Back To School Backpack Round-Up

Back To School Backpack Round-Up

It’s that time of year, my friends! I have been preparing my kids for the transition from homeschooling to the traditional school setting and it has definitely been a process. They are very excited; I’m pretty nervous but I think that is absolutely common for a mama in my position.

Anyways, before I get all teary-eyed at the thought of our new normal quickly approaching, I rounded up y favorite backpacks for back-to-school. School supplies shopping is, for the most part, a drag. School supplies are boring, uniforms offer the least amount of distractions in the classroom and most things we get for school will look like everyone else’s. I get why and I agree with the reasoning. The fun, for me, comes in at being able to put some personality into each kid’s school day. The backpacks are one area at our new school with the least amount of restrictions so I immediately started looking for bags that function well but are also cool; a FUNctional backpack, if you will. lol.

We went with the Sticky Lemon envelope backpacks but there were soooo many good options this season that it took me a while to make a decision. Here is the round-up of my favorite bags for back-to-school.

1- STATE bags Rainbow Tie Die

2- Zip & Zoe Spaceman Backpack

3- Sticky Lemon Envelope Backpack

4- Bobo Choses Stars School Bag

5- Parkland ‘Peachy’ Backpack

6- Herschel Heritage ‘Polka People’ Youth Bag

7- TWELVElittle Sports Patch Backpack

8- JanSport Blue Jay Mix Backpack

9- Mini Rodini UFO School Bag (this was a close second choice for RJ but in the end, I liked the idea of RJ and Milly having the same backpack in different colors.)

10- FJallraven Kanken Art – Spring Landscape Bag (really, I’ll probably buy this one for me!)

As far as our Sticky Lemon backpacks go, I’m thinking I might add some patches to them just for fun. It might be a really sweet kind of activity for me and the kids to do together before the end of summer break. Squeeze in one more memory if we can… know how that goes!

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