There are so many great resources for homeschooling out there. Specifically, the quality of lessons and workbooks and units for every age group is, in my opinion, amazing. I want to share the Full Nature Guides from Brave Grown Home. Each set includes an art poster, fact cards, and mini illustrations. Ashley, the mother and business owner of Brave Grown Home paints all of the original posters and illustrations herself and she is so talented. I have the solar system set my kids love the illustrations. I have also been a relying (heavily) on The Good & The Beautiful language arts curriculum for the last couple of years and the kids and I both looooove it.

As Milly and RJ get older (Milly turns 5 tomorrow!), I have been really trying to not only hold them more accountable for their belongings and their things. As an only child, I quickly learned that my mistakes were MINE; there was no way around that. With my kids having an easy ‘scape goat in their sibling, responsibility is always being passed around in our house. Here is a good article from Parent’s Magazine that I enjoyed; it gave me a good foundation on this topic and highlighted some areas that I could adjust in.

If you are like me and take a million pictures of your kids on your phone, take the time to store them correctly for longevity. Eventually, look into printing some of those cute candid photos but until then, keep them safe.

‘A Year of Positive Thinking…’ book by Cyndie Spiegel has many gems up for the taking but the April 9th excerpt was meaningful for my journey through motherhood and came right when I needed it so I thought I’d share. It reads:

JUDGEMENT. Condemnation doesn’t teach others a lesson. Instead it hardens the heart and creates separation in the exact place that connection is needed. When your first reaction is to disapprove of someone’s choice, make an effort to be more kind instead. Withhold judgement.

Leighanne Scheuermann is a mom and reading and learning specialist in Texas. She is for hire but also shares loads of wisdom on her website Written & Bound. RJ and Milly are both working on BOB reading books so her recommendations on books to read after completion was really helpful.

I absolutely loooove Chip & Joanna Gaines. I have been following their work since Fixer & Upper and I still watch the reruns of that show. They created a children’s book We Are The Gardeners  and the blog post linked gives some insight on how their kids helped in the making! This is the perfect Spring book to gift your children. (Maybe, a Easter basket stuffer?!)

Happy Monday!

Creating Childhood Magic

Creating Childhood Magic

Kids really don’t need much. I think, as adults, we forget just how powerful the imagination can be. For example, when the weather turned bright and cool and perfect, I went out and spent a decent sized budget on some fun stuff that could be put to use in our backyard, The least expensive of these items was a box of chalk. I came home with about 10 toys and gadgets and guess what the kids spent hours using while simultaneously ignoring everything else? That’s right: the chalk. The chalk and a stick that they found on the ground….in our backyard.

If you’ve ever come home with multiple options meant to spark fun in your kid’s life, you probably have a similar story to draw from. Anyways, the point is that kids don’t need much.

I’ve learned that all I have to do it find ways to spark their imaginations and the sky’s the limit. Here are some ideas that can spark magic in your kids’ lives.

Say ‘yes’ a little more often. Yes, to 10 more minutes before bed, to listening to their favorite Disney song in the car for the 10,000th time, to walking down the park trail that looks like they will definitely get dirty and to letting them sleep in your room on those nights that they don’t want to be so far away from you.

Play with them outside. Don’t just oversee. Some of my favorite memories of childhood are when my parents or grandparents actually participated in our water balloon fight/softball game/hide & seek adventures.

Build a fort made entirely of your bed linens and dining chairs. Maybe add some string lights. Let them take a nap inside or just hang out. The memories they’ll keep will be entirely worth the clean up.

Let them wake up to something memorable and unexpected. I always love the look on my kids faces when they wake up to balloons in their room but it doesn’t even have to be that complex. Waking up to music instead of light taps on the shoulder or turning the lights on is also a good idea.

RJ and Milly are homeschooled so our morning routine is less stressful because we set our own schedule but they still have trouble waking up in high spirits. My very musically inclined kids always enjoy waking up to the sounds of music. This is a great opportunity to introduce them to the music that you love.

Invite them to cook with you. When you’re making simple dishes, let them join in. There is a sense of pride in using your hands that I think kids should start to experience early (outside of, say, being proud of their pasta art and finger paintings). I buy ingredients to make pizza and let them sauce and top their own pizza crusts!

In addition to everything I just mentioned, here are some toys that have been a real success in our house and leave a lot of room for interpretation during play time.

  • Sarah’s Silks – the kids use them as capes, pull-ies, fort walls.
  • Tegu Magnetic building blocks – if you have a child that loves to build and rebuild…and rebuild..they will love these.
  • ‘Go Find It’ playing cards – these cards really help us to not enjoy the outdoors but to also pay attention to our surroundings in a really fun way.
  • Foam swords – I love a good sword fight; especially when I know the material is soft and no one will really get hurt. 😉

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