There is something so calming about being out of good signal and in to country living.

I am a city girl through and through and if it’s not a city, it’s a caribbean beach-side that I am most comfortable in. My husband, on the other hand, is a country boy. When we first started dating, he was working as a manager on his family’s ranch.

While we planned on living in East Texas for a little while, we changed our minds last minute (like–after preparing a nursery in our home while I was 7 month’s pregnant, “last minute”) and ended up in Houston.

While we are city-living, it’s always a good change of pace to go to the ranch and just enjoy the vast landscape. For me, it’s needed. The air is cleaner, the environment is calmer, there is no rush to get anywhere or do anything except wander around….and we love to wander.

We found this feral black cat that had made a home on the ranch. Good for catching rodents so everyone lets him (or her?) be.

There is also an empty horse barn…It’s only empty because the horses are roaming but it makes for a good running space.

The goal is to make it to the ranch as much as possible. We have a small house and, with it being such a short drive, there is really no reason to not take advantage of the wide, open spaces and hit the road.

Maybe we will get into picking eggs (if I can get over my fear of birds) and horse back riding. The possibilities are endless and now that I have become a stay at home mom and my schedule has freed up, I definitely plan to take advantage. After all, that was the entire point of taking on this lifestyle.

Until next time,


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