Well, summer is here and (hopefully) that means lots of fun and sun for you and your family. For me, that is my main goal.

My fam spends a lot of time outside so I decided to add My Sticker Face to some of our summer-fun items to make them extra special for Makenzie and RJ. If you haven’t heard of this fun-loving company, My Sticker Face has made personalizing items sooooo easy. My kids spend way too much time arguing with one another about what belongs (or should belong) to one or the other. These cool little additions to almost any item make ownership obvious and keep huge smiles on my kids’ faces.

A few months ago, my sister in law (Hey, Georgetta!) started teaching the kids how to play checkers and they really enjoyed it. So much so that we’ve taken it into the summer with us. I decorated a set of checker pieces with their custom stickers and the kids LOVE them.

The truth is, the checker board and pieces are felt and I found them pre-made in a discounted bin. They were nothing special before but AFTER?! The My Sticker Face pack came with accessories to dress up the faces, instantly making the average board into something the kids get excited about every time they play. RJ still bursts out laughing when he sees his sticker face with a mustache on it.

I got really sticker happy and added the larger faces to a couple of pins that I then added to a pom-pom keychain that I had made a few years ago. I hadn’t used the keychain in awhile but I took it out of retirement since it is such a summer staple and the pins with my kids’ adorable smiles on them really gave it a face-lift.

Now that the temperatures are rising, I have enrolled the kids in swim lessons which means that a special, swim, “mom bag” was necessary. I found a lined, water-proof clutch that holds sun screen and wet swim suits. Easy-peasy. I added my re-vamped pom key-chain to the clutch and it is sooo cute.

So many moms have complimented me on the clutch while we wait around for our kids to climb out of the pool. On top of that, no other parent will ever mistake my bag for there’s!

Sticker Face has been so nice to offer 10% off your entire order with the code: ALICEONSUNDAY.

Until Next Time!


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