The drive from San Antonio to the family ranch is about 6 hours long; not an amount of time I take lightly…especially while driving with my two very active children in the back. If I’m lucky, we get on the road very early or right after lunch and they sleep for at least half of the ride.

Red needed to handle some business on the ranch for a couple of weeks and, since we had been talking about wanting to make a trip, I took this as the perfect opportunity to pack myself and the kids up and make it a family trip. The country side is so beautiful this time of year; all of the pretty purple and pink flowers make the drive pretty enjoyable.There are soooo many colts around and I am dyiiiiinnnnng. They are so stinkin’ cute; luckily, the mama horses let us get close enough to enjoy their company. Yes, the mama instincts are to protect their babies by any means necessary but these horses are so use to the TLC of the family that we don’t make them as weary or aggressive as they would be around strangers. Milly is a natural with animals. RJ enjoys their company and thinks that they are cool and all but Milly imprints on animals, I’m sure of it. They naturally start to approach her and are so calm….horses, goats, ducks, butterflies, everything.

We’ve been here for about 8 days and I think it’s about time for us to head back to the city but, man, do I love this ranch life.

It’s bittersweet since our plan at the beginning of last year was to plant roots here for the next several years but things change and I love being back in San Antonio with my family friends while still being able to make the drive to soak up this little slice of country heaven.


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