You may already know this but my husband’s mom was born and raised in St. Lucia. My husband also moved back to the island for a year after high school but came back to the states after some pretty horrific mud slides. The island is ingrained in him and, because of my connection to Puerto Rico, we are constantly arguing which island is the best. They are both Caribbean and beautiful and very much loved by our little family.

The upside to visiting Puerto Rico from the states is that is it a U.S. territory. That means: no passport is needed, you can find pretty good deals on plane tickets and, if you’re in the right city, your flight will be non-stop. We have gone to Puerto Rico three times since getting married and my island family has made it to the states several times — my kids have a strong connection.

With that being said, it has been about 5 years since we’ve visited St. Lucia. RJ was about six or seven months old when we visited last for my grandmother-in-laws birthday extravaganza. Visiting requires, passports, customs, difficult flight plans, etc. It is not an ideal situation in most cases but it is especially painful with children. During our last trip, we missed our connecting flight and had to stay overnight in a motel to catch a flight the next morning. It was a sour sight to see; a large group of people running with luggage and baby bags, babies and strollers…all to miss the flight because the connecting flight left just 30 mins from the time of our first plane landed. But that is ‘Getting to St. Lucia’ for you.

Fast forward to present day and we are finally going back for another celebration: Red’s little sister (cousin) is getting married. Makenzie is going to be the mini-bride and I can’t wait for December. Nothing like leaving chilly winds and grey skies behind for some mid-70 degree, tropical weather. I’m all for it except for the fact that our connecting flight stops in New York….in December. I’m predicting a snow storm that leaves us stranded in the airport for 28-hours or something crazy like that. But….that is ‘Getting to St. Lucia’ for you.

On the bright side of things, once we make it to the island it is heaven on earth. Most people who love to travel enjoy any tropical climate destination; St. Lucia should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

These are the first travel plans we have made since our move and I feel like it is setting the tone for what is to come: Lots of travel and living. This was such a big motivator for us making our move to a smaller, slower-style of living. I already have so many plans for our little home but all of those plans can be stretched out over a few years. I’m in no rush. I am, however, in a (little bit) rush to get some miles behind this family. I want my kids to see it all. St. Lucia is a great start and I am so excited for this trip.

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