Let me just start off by saying that I am sooo happy that fanny packs have been making a major comeback over the past couple of years. I less of a dorky-old-mom for wearing them now that they are “cool” again.

I guess that means that I’m ahead of the fashion curve, I’m cool and people just didn’t know it yet. lol.

With so many options these days, I finally put a shortlist together of all my faves for both me and my babes. You’ll see that the styles vary and that’s really just because I dress to my mood and my moods can be all over the place. lol.

1-Neon Pink & CamoFree People – I’m a sucker for camo print so I instantly fell in love with this bag; it’s also big enough to hold a lot of things so it’s a perfect “mom bag”.

2-Seventeen Hip Pack in Plum – Herschel

3-The Waverly 2 – L&S – I love this sleek look and the blue color is classic and I’d wear it year ’round.

4-Girls’ Reverse Sequins Belt Bag – J.Crew – I love this one so much for Milly because it reverses from a pink to a really pretty light green.

5-Ace Fanny Pack – Dagne Dover

6-Ultralight Black Hole Mini Pack – Patagonia

7-Bobbi Fanny in Classic Camo – Parkland – snag this one for the little man in your life + the fanny pack from Free People and do a little mama & mini style!

8-Shapes Belt Bag – Call Me Sparkle – Seriously, the cutest belt bag for any little girl. I looooove it. Milly is going to flip when she gets hers in the mail.

9-Sprinkles Mini FannySticky Lemon – From their newest drop, this fanny pack is sooooo stinkin’ cute and totally on-trend for the season but I’m sure Milly will be wearing hers for years to come.

And that’s the list! Short & sweet, as usual. I hope you find something to accessorize your waist with. It’s trending, trust me.

Until Next Time!



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