Here it is! Our blog’s last gift guide of the season and, if I’m being honest, it’s my favorite. Probably because I am a “digital creative” which, to me, just means that I create content primarily for consumption through a screen.

Here’s how I put together this list:

I took on the mindset of a creative that already has all the basics (computer, an adobe software subscription, a camera that I really like, etc.) but isn’t willing or hasn’t been able to “splurge” or upgrade this or that or accessorize this or that.

1-The Bookclub Blue Light Glasses – Blue light glasses are a great accessory for someone who works on a screen all day. They block out certain light waves that can be harmful to the eyes. Every since buying and wearing these, I don’t get those annoying headaches behind my eyes anymore.

2- Peak Capture Clip – This “capture” clip is a two-piece contraption that you can put (pretty much) anywhere: On a belt or your backpack’s shoulder strap, and leaves your camera easily accessible and secure. I like to use mine when I know I’ll be working with two different cameras or one camcorder and one camera. Instead of having to stop and sling my backpack around and get my camera out, I can have it attached to my hip for easier transitions between use.

3-Camera Bag – Peak Design – This bag seriously can do no wrong. The inside departments can be customized and changed depending on what you have inside. It also can carry your laptop, comes in two different sizes and allows access to the inside from multiple angles. As long as you don’t get overwhelmed by the options, you’ll have a blast configuring and re-configuring this bag to work however you want it to.

4-Stress Relief Shoulder Wrap – Origins – When you work on a computer all day, or when you’re looking down into your camera screen for hours at a time, your neck begins to hold a lot of stress. Treat your neck. It largely goes unnoticed but it’s such a vital part of day-to-day function.

5-Mini Lightning Headphone + Charging Cable Splitter – I mean…’s just cool and functional and any digital creative will think so. Throw it in as a stocking stuffer!

6-Adobe Subscription – A year subscription for software that almost every creative uses are an awesome gift idea. It’s like the ultimate gift card. Creatives, Freelancers, etc. love a good coffee shop gift card but what about a receipt that shows a 6-months/year subscription to Adobe? That’s something that will be used multiple times a week and save them their own money, month-to-month. It’s like a double whammy.

7-Camera Stap – Cinta – All (most?) cameras come with a standard-issue strap and those work just fine but if you want your creative guy/gal to be able to express their personality a little more, update their camera strap.

8-Headphones – Beats by Dre – or any other kind of noise-canceling-over-the-ear headphones. I love the color options of the Beats by Dre which is why they’re my fave. If your creative is a videographer or the like, s/he probably has to listen to music/sound a lot. Using in-ear phones can get a little annoying and bother your ears after a couple of hours so over-the-ear phones are probably preferred. The noise-canceling feature is also a plus for this kind of work.

9-Go Pro + Accessory Kit – If you’re capturing video, a Go-Pro and an accessory kit is just great to have.

10-Selfie Light for your iPhone – Such a little gadget but it helps with the white balance on “on-the-go” videos.

11-Tripod – Amazon – You’d be surprised by how many creatives don’t have a tripod. I know I was. Why buy a tripod if you’re “cheap” and can get away with setting your camera on a table of a bench for capture? I had a camera for 2-3 years before I got a tripod and it was gifted to me. Now, I take it everywhere with me.

BonusSocial Media Planner – The Social Media Planner Co.- This planner is set up really well and, sometimes, it’s good to get all the ideas down in one space that understands the purpose of those mind dumps and can help you sort them in an efficient way.

That’s it! I hope you find something for your digital creative on this list!

Happy Holidays.

With love,



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