December is here! I decided to put a gift guide together everyday for the first week of the month. This first list is really my own personal wish list– I’ve already snagged a few of the items listed and am seriously eyeing the rest…some are already in my virtual carts.

While I love a good vacation or adventure, being at home is my jam. I’d rather participate in ” *insert anything that can be done from home* & chill” than go out into the world.

My house is my home; it’s where my kiddos are and my comfy couch and my DVDs. Oh…and my husband. LOL.

Here is a list of some of my favorite things that make being home all the more enjoyable; perfect for holiday gift giving for the homebody in your life.


Hibernating Sweatshirt by Propertee – I love this sweatshirt. It’s so soft and speaks the truth. What more can you ask for, right? Plus, as any homebody knows, you always need a “favorite” binge watching outfit.

iRobot Roomba – We just moved into our new house with hard wood floors and this is such a great saver of time. Imagine watching your favorite Netflix show and simply lifting your feet to let an automated cleaner sweep your floors. The homebody in your life will love it.

Photo Clip Firefly String Lights – These lights really add some ambiance to any room or nook in the house. These are great for for play rooms, for a kid or teen that wants to display pictures of friends or their artwork.

Stovetop Popcorn Popper – A true homebody is also a movie connoisseur of sorts and nothing pairs better with a good movie night than some freshly popped popcorn.

Cards Against Humanity – Let the games begin! This will keep you in stitches, and at home, for hours.

Buffalo Plaid Fringed Throw – A good throw makes all the difference. I use to drag my entire comforter off of the bed and onto the couch for movie nights. That’s cool and all, but step your snuggle game up with a good throw blanket.

Apple TV 4K – An Apple TV really does change your television experience; watch movies, listen to music, share photos all from your living room. I absolutely love mine.

Shearling Moccasin Slippers for Her Him – I mentioned before that we have hard wood floors and we’ve never been a slipper family until now. Remember, being comfy and cozy in your home is all a homebody wants!

Air Purifying Plant – Plants add so much warmth and color to a home. Add the beauty of a plant to the ability to clean the air in your house? Magic.

Coffee Press – Homebodies usually have a morning routine. If s/he likes coffee, a coffee press is both functional and pretty to look at on the kitchen of counter.

Peony & Blush Candle – Jo Malone candles smell so good and reach multiple rooms in a house without being overbearing. I love the smells of most candles in this line but the peony and blush is one of my favorite.

Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser – If your homebody is into oils, upgrade their diffuser with something that goes better with home decor. Most oil diffusers are like baby toys; they always stick out like sore thumbs. Not this beauty. This will go well with almost any home decor.






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