Three years ago, I cut off all of my hair. It was a huge step in the right direction towards healthy hair. The thing is, kinky/curly hair is high maintenance; it takes forever to comb, it needs constant moisture and prep to keep the curls non-frizzy and popping.

This list is for all my curly girls out there. The girls with the curls that need constant love and care and manipulating. The list really just focuses on breakage prevention which, in my experience, is the number one (or at least top 3) issue when it comes to growth and bounce and shine and….pretty much everything. lol.

Cotton is the soft and wonderful and guilty culprit of dry damaged hair. That is, if you’ve already eliminated putting heat to your head. I get my hair blown out once a year for my birthday because “self-care” but, other than that, no heat touches my hair. This has made such a major difference in my hair health but all of the products below have compounded my breakage prevention routine. Satin and Silk are your friends. They love your hair. They would never soak up all the moisture and product from your hair while you’re out and about or sleeping. Cotton should not be touching your hair. Switch to the satin lined beanies, silk pillow cases and scrunchies for your pineapple hair-do. Use a good comb that is meant to give way instead of forcing through (and breaking!) your hair while you comb it!

All these things will make a difference, I promise, and the person who receives these gifts will looooove you for it– even before they start to see the difference in their hair!

You’re welcome. 

Silk Pillowcase \\ Silk Scrunchies – both Large and Small \\ Tangle Teaser Wet Brush \\ The New & Improved Shower Cap \\ Satin Lined Cap


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