As a multi-racial woman and mother, I’ve always focused on finding toys that represent my kids and other POC and/or marginalized groups.

Representation really, really, matters and if you are lucky enough to understand that, it probably means you have seen yourself in popular forms of media and art. For me, it’s problematic for my daughter to only find beauty in an Elsa doll or for my son to think it’s “weird” to be in a wheelchair. 

Understanding and inclusion, I believe, comes from contact. Most, if not all, generalizations don’t hold up to contact with the group being generalized. 

Toys & books are a good starting place and I love every item on this list.

Olive Paper Doll Kit \\ ‘‘Golden Domes & Silver’ Lanterns Children’s Book \\ Ballerina Jewelry Box \\ Angel Ornament Doll \\ Ali – Maxi Doll \\ Ashlyn Doll \\ Faces From Around The World Matching Game \\ Diverse Abilities Doll Set \\ ‘Love Is’ Children’s Book \\ Mr. Sun & Friends Dolls \\ ‘Jeremy’s Dreidel’ Children’s Book \\ Heart For Hearts Native Doll \\ LEGO ‘World People’ Set

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