This is it! In a couple of days, we will be headed down the highway to New Orleans and I couldn’t be more excited.¬†We have prepped and packed and now I’m sharing some tried and true items that you need to give a chance on your next road trip with your kids.

Here are some basics notes to keep in mind:

  • Each kid needs his or her own “carry-on” bag. This is the backpack or bag that will stay with them while they are buckled up during the drive. The essentials. Not the other goodies you may have packed in their luggage that is packed in the trunk of your car.
  • Headphones are a must if you are allowing your kids some screen time during the road trip. Tip: Let your kids have screen time. We are a “no-screens” house during the week but, best believe, I let my kids have their fill of screen stimulation during road trips.
  • Dry Snacks. Nothing that is juicy or saucy or requires dipping or a spoon. Just. Don’t. Go There. Trust me.
  • Mini Colors. These are usually reserved for toddlers but older kids should travel with the “fun-size” markers too. They fit better in small backpacks and are less of a hassle for that very reason.
  • Limit Water/Juice Intake. This is mainly for the kids. I send my kiddos to school with a 10-12oz canister of water every day and they come home with about 8-10 oz of that same water so I do not feel bad limiting their drink to a few sips at a time while we are on the road. Doing this will keep you from having to stop every hour. Get through that initial hour without having to stop (which only invigorates the kids because they get to stretch their legs and people watch) and, if you’re lucky, your kids will be asleep and you won’t have much to worry about for a while.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into the list that you came here for. These items are tried and true for our family. RJ and Milly are 7 and 5, respectfully, and they have both been traveling since infancy. We are that kind of family which means that we have gotten pretty dang good ( if I do say so myself) at anticipating needs and mishaps and being fully ( eh, pretty much) prepared for anything.

Like I mentioned above, make sure each kid has their own bag of goodies – a small backpack with 2-3 sections/zippers works. Inside each bag, add their travel drink bottle and dry snacks. This is also where you will store the following:

  • sunglasses. Kids tend to start to complain after a couple of hours in the car….about any and everything and the sun is no exception.
  • toys. focus on “travel” sized games and things that don’t have a lot of pieces.
  • coloring books. There are so many miniature coloring books out there so you won’t be hard-pressed to find one that has a theme each kid will enjoy. This is also where the mini crayons and markers come in. I suggest buying some that come with a good travel case for easy storage and organization in the backpack.
  • iPad/tablet. Make sure it is fully charged and all the kids’ favorite apps are updated and ready to go.

If there are only two kids in the back seat, place a car tote in the center seat as a catch-all for random things (there’s always random stuff with kids, am I right?) and trash. If there are three kids, put it on the car floor by the kids’ feet but have one somewhere in the car!

If your kids are still pretty young and their heads still sway forward and side to side while they sleep, get a neck pillow that wraps around their entire neck instead of the ones that just drape over the shoulders; these bad boys will catch those big ol’ toddler heads and keep them from rolling.

A cooler is always a good idea so you can avoid spending unnecessary money and wasting precious time on food. Pack your drinks, pre-made sandwiches, and fresh fruit in there and call it a day.

Last, but not least, always, always, always have a first aid kit and throw in some motion sickness meds while you’re at it! You just never know.

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Until Next Time, all the good things,




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