My kids and I will probably be at home, watching some ridiculous & non-kid-friendly movie like Chucky (thanks to dad) for Halloween night.

We don’t celebrate halloween and we don’t hand out candy. What is with that, anyways?! No parent lets their kids eat that amount of candy on aaannnny other day of the year and then we overdose on it come Oct. 31. lol. My kids are naturally hyper, no need to add sugar to the mix. Anyways….

We did, however paint some pumpkins because I love a good craft and pumpkins can, basically, be bought anywhere around this time. If your kids are still really young like mine, you might be leaning towards some non-cut options for your pumpkin decorating.

Remember when I wrote about starting up my small party business, Alice & Eddy Party? Well, I posted a pretty cool halloween DIY over there are that blog. You can check it out here.

If you decide to give it a try, post some photos here or over on the A&EP blog. I would love to see!

Until next time,


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