It has been a busy couple of weeks and I may have slipped up on posting my weekly roundups. Oops!  I mean…honestly, with two kids at home, it’s amazing how two weeks can fly by in, what seems like, the blink of an eye.

Anyways, here’s my round-up of parenting articles that informed, entertained and inspired me over the past couple weeks.

Jessica Alba shares some serious gems about raising her 3 kids in this article. I was a subscriber to The Honest Company diaper box for 3 years and losing out on those cute diapers was the only sad part of my kids being potty trained. LOL. I’ve loved Jessica Alba since her Dark Angel days but I became a real fan of her in motherhood and really enjoyed this article.

Learning how to slow down while juggling parenthood can be tough and I loved this article that discussed it.

If I had to put a time on it, I’d say that it’s been about a year since I decided to put myself on my priority list. I have been unlearning the feelings of guilt that I always associated with doing something that I wanted to do for myself. I’ve spent time, making time for self care; all the good things. Create & Cultivate wrote an article on making time for self-care ; definitely check it out.

I am equal parts creative and analytical. For whatever reason, statistics and research just speaks to me. lol. This article on is full of interesting statistics and information that might put you at ease about the decisions you are making or have made in parenthood.

I think that most people would agree that naps are great. Kids might not like them but they are helpful and most adults which they had taken advantage of all the naps they had been offered as a child, right? The University of Pennsylvania recently published a study that shows: children who nap 30 to 60 minutes midday at least three times a week are happier, have more self-control and grit, and showcase fewer behavioral problems, according to new research. These children also have higher IQs and excel academically!!

I hope you had a great weekend and I hope some of these articles speak to you in a great way and offer you a solid read at the start of your week!

Until next time!


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