Hey friends! Happy Monday and welcome back to this lovely, weekly round-up of articled that will inspire and inform your journey through motherhood. (At least, that’s what I hope.)

If you follow along with my day-to-day shenanigans on Instagram ( I hope you do! And if you don’t, come on, girl, you should) then you know that my household got hit with the flu and cold season HARD. We spent all of January and some of February sick; when I say “we” I mean, both kids and my husband. I don’t know how I didn’t get sick through it all but I was exhausted and stretched really thin. That whole experience inspired the first couple of articles in this round-up.

An article from The Atlantic speaks on how and why being vaccinated won’t stop the Coronavirus. Scary, I know. Also, how do you know whether or not you have the flu or a common cold this season? This year, it was even more tricky because the specific strain of the flu virus that was going around presented itself with common cold-like symptoms at first. Here is an age-by-age symptom guide by Parents Mag to help you sort through the details.

Serena Williams talked with Huffington Post about motherhood and her experiences in that particular journey of hers and I staaaannnnn. She is just an absolute light and I love here even more these days because Milly idolizes her and uses her as motivation every time she goes to tennis practice. Did I mention that my 5-year-old did her first successful serve and rally last week? I am so proud.

If you are a POC (person of color) then you already know how important it is to have diversity in everyday situations for the positive impact it has on your child. You probably also have very vibrant memories of the first time you felt seen somewhere or in a situation for the first time.  That is important. If you are not a POC, maybe it is something that you haven’t really taken a deep dive into understanding. If I’m honest, most of my white friends didn’t think much about it (because it wasn’t their experience) until the became parents to children of color. Kids can really open your mind, can’t they?! Here is an article by ‘Mother Mag’ that resonated with me and that really delves into why reading diverse books to your kids matters. Speaking of books, a fellow blogger just launched a children’s book focusing on body positivity and it is receiving rave reviews. Here is an awesome write up about ‘Her Body Can’ that I found on Shape Magazine’s website.

Well, that’s it for this week’s round-up. I have so many things planned for Alice On Sunday blog this year and I am so excited to get started now that my kids and my husband are healthy and functioning again. I can’t wait until you see what I have in store.

I hope you found something interesting and or inspiring this week in my Mom Community Monday Round-Up.

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