Kourtney Kardashian is my favorite Kardashian. I’m not a fan, per se, but I enjoy how laser focused she is on her kids and her nonchalant attitude towards everything else. Her new blog Poosh is awesome and there was a great article, backed with links to studies and all the things, about harmful ingredients in sunscreen and clean options to switch to. It’s a must read!

Here are some really simple but cute printable coloring pages that I found on Parents Magazine website. My kids looooove to color so having some extra ones handy in the car after they completely blow through their coloring books on a road trip is handy. If you know, you know.

Last weekend, we went to a local splash pad and, as expected, it was full of kids and families and pets….mostly dogs. Most people accept that little ones are going to come up to their dogs in a family setting which usually means that they are happy to allow interaction and now that it’s summer time, this kind of scene will definitely be more common. Here is an article that talks about teaching kids how to play safely with dogs….especially dogs that don’t belong to your family.

If you follow Serena Williams on social media, you may have seen a photo of her braiding her daughter’s hair. By the way, Olympia is a treasure. A doll. And I am obsessed with her. Anyways, the caption explained the history of braiding hair….how it originated in the motherland, Africa…more specifically with the Himba people….and how it is such a special kind of bonding and connection between a people. This resonated so much with me; I braid my daughter’s hair as my mom braided mine as her mother braided hers and so on, I’m sure, and so forth. Needless to say, the post went viral; Here is the post for your viewing/reading pleasure.

Joanna Gaines does it again with three summer drinks that all look delicious and I’m definitely trying all of them out in the next couple of months.

The Little Milk Bar is a body positive/ breast feeding positive brand and I absolutely love that. On their blog, they offer a complete guide to nursing bras. If you are expecting or not happy with your current bra situation….take a look at this post!

I thought this article was so cute:  “Dance Dads” talk about how they are supporting their daughters’ dreams with makeup application, sewing, supporting, loving….all the good stuff.

Happy Monday!

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