Happy Monday! Today is the first day of the kids’ Spring Break and we are checked in and cozy in New Orleans for the week. YAY!

Regardless of vacations, my reading never stops and I came through with my Mom Community Monday post. Are ya ready? Ok, let’s dive right in.

A fellow mom blogger, Monet Hambrick, wrote about why she took her first mom-cation, why she keeps doing it and why it’s important. It IS important.

I’m not one to get excited over food posts that focus on kids’ lunches. Maybe because I don’t actually see my kids eat lunch 5 days out of the week so I’m not too invested in trying new things that might just end up on the floor of the lunchroom or maybe it’s because I feel like lunch box ideas are really just on a loop. Who knows. Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is that when I saw this post on Le Scoop, I was soooo (surprisingly) inspired by the ideas for these lunches. I’m definitely trying them out. All of them. I’m serious…..On the weekend though because I need to see my kids eat these elevated lunches. Mama needs gratification too.

Destiney of Mom Crush Monday talks about the things you can do as a mother. As an independent woman, you know you can do any and everything you want and then we become mothers, sometimes that mentality shifts. Why? Be a little selfish, a little (or a lot) badass and do what makes your heart sing and your body pop.

Are you thinking about having a third baby even though the two that you have are school age and you’re life is finally starting to bounce back from the trauma of diapers and teething and all the things? Whew, I know it crosses my mind every now and again. My husband is one of TEN kids and I know he would love to have a few more although he never brings the topic up. I, on the other hand……well…..? I’m not sure. This article popped out at my right away; I really do enjoy reading/hearing the perspectives of women in similar situations.

I always joke and say, “I fight kids.” Really, I don’t. But protecting my kids is no joke to me. Here is an article about dealing with the terrible situation of kids picking on your kids.

And a little funny for the road:


Until next time, all the good things,


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