We have finally gotten a month in of a day-to-day that resembles a routine. Yay us! In July we bought our house, in August we went on a three-week vacation to Puerto Rico and it was amazing. September was a little less eventful and that was perfect. We focused on digging into our homeschooling plan and enjoying the mid-80s weather. It’s not really Fall here in Texas but it’s not quite hot anymore and we are soaking it up.

I’m really feeling like a city-dweller again and I’m enjoying myself. I’m not going to lie, I miss Marshall and the country side. Part of me still mourns our little country-side lifestyle that never really got off of the ground. That’s how things roll. Sometimes things take you by surprise and change.

Now we are in San Antonio, reacquainting ourselves with all the new sights and eats and experiences that have sprung up since the last time I lived here in 2011; back when Red and I were long-distance dating and I had moved back home after undergrad.

San Antonio is really buzzing! The city is rebuilding some of my most beloved areas; the neighborhoods where most of my childhood memories are rooted. It’s been so wonderful relearning the Eastside and Downtown.

The kids are flying through their curriculum faster than expected and I’m trying to figure out what we are going to move onto next. I’m a proud mama bird.

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself for the way I am able to bounce back in the situations that have surrounded our lives. What with my anxiety and structured nature, it would be easy for me to be paralyzed by the whirlwind that has become my life over the past year. There have been days that I sink into myself and become overly stressed and anxious, yes, but my kids…..they are the anchor that keeps me going. Their bright personalities and adorable belly laughs; it really is magic. They are not just a “quick fix” to my worries, they literally make things better…without even trying.

I think that it is pretty common to feel a loss of individuality when you transition from independent individual to motherhood. I have absolutely felt that loss in more ways than one but, let me tell you, the other side of that coin is so good. I am so fulfilled in being RJ and Milly’s mommy.

Until Next Time.


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