Have I mentioned that I hate moving? I think (actually, I know) that I have. Our days are starting resemble some sense of normalcy and I’m so happy for it.

Still….boxes are still stacked in a couple of places in the house and it’s driving me insane. This has been the tricky part of downsizing for us. We moved into a much smaller house in exchange for acreage–great for our outdoor lifestyle. Not so great for all the stuff we had and still have. And, man, did we have way too much stuff.

We were paying month to month in our last home rental which gave us, probably too much, space to take our time moving. Our goal was to be completely moved in by the end of March and here we are– early May. Yikes.

For me, cluttered spaced clutters my mind. I don’t know how people *side eye to my husband* can throw clothes over a door or leave DVDs out. So for things to not even have a place yet is driving me a little crazy. And, if I’m totally honest, it’s mostly things I’ve accumulated since I started preparing to homeschool. Storing school supplies, what with the paper and notebooks and crayons and materials, is much more complicated to store than expected. I cant just toss it all into a lidded basket like I can with the toys and if I leave them out, the kids will run through all of the material in a crazy-short amount of time. I guess I’ll need to start looking into some small-space organizing solutions. Any ideas on where to start? Regardless, I’m taking it all in stride and enjoying so much of this new life.

This morning, the kids have hopped onto our buggy with dad and are off on another adventure. (The last time they left, they came home with an alligator snapping turtle that had wondered off after a heavy rain. Of course, we let him back out near a pond that is just beyond our back yard.) I’m currently enjoying the quiet house and my morning coffee, answering some emails and writing this blog post. I would have never thought that my life would have ended up here. Life is full of interesting surprises and you’ll enjoy them all much more if you go with the flow.

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