I’ve always loved a natural fiber bag and over the past couple of years, it’s made me so happy to see so many more beautiful options. Now that it’s summer time, the “trend” ( I put the word in quotation marks because I truly believe that a natural fiber bag/purse is classic. Maybe the colors become trendy but that foundation of the bag is classic and timeless. But I digress…) can be see all over the place and I’m not mad at it. Not one bit.

Here are some of my favorite bags. I hope you find one that speaks to you! Personally, I just want a budget that allows me to own every single one. Lol. Am I asking too much? 🙂

What’s your favorite from the list?

1-The Macro Fanny pack is all of my mom dreams come true. A belt bag to keep my hands free for my kiddos and in the perfect material. – Individual Medley.

2-Black Beach Tote by artisans in Madagascar and offered through The Little Market. I love that this brand pays the artisans upfront, not after an item is sold. That is true fair trade and I’m in full support of that.

3-This Palm Backpack is gorgeous. I’ve packed it up and taken it to Puerto Rico and St. Lucia and worn it through and through; this backpack has kept it’s shape and is still so beautiful. It’s also sooo roomy! – Souk Bohemian

4-The Fiesta Tote is just fun. This is a pretty typical style that you see in San Antonio since there is such a heavy influence of Mexican culture. The colors and poms are beautiful and fun.- ban.do x Artisans of IQ

5-The Straw Catania Tote is so dynamic in its shape and weaving. I absolutely love it. – Madewell

6-Lavender + Pink Cardita Bag is perfection in a small wristlet style purse. – Indego Africa

7-The Rope & Straw Crossbody Baby – World Market

8-Boxy Rattan Crossbody – Nordstrom

9-Lala Backpack by Nomah Project – Oh Joy! 

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