After a few considerations, we decided to have California Closets come in and work some magic on our incredibly small closet space. I sat down with an amazing Cal-Closet designer, told her exactly what I wanted (remember the wish list I had?) and watched her design it out right in front of my eyes.

Now, I knew my closet was going to have its limitations. It has two sliding doors so, unless I wanted to change the door function which I did not, Red and I will never be able to grab clothes on the same schedule. Only one side of the closet is accessible at any given time. Remember, it’s a reach-in closet so even though I want counter space, I definitely wasn’t going to get some kind of wonderful closet-island/countertop during our design session. I understood all of that but still wanted everything on my wish list and Jamie, my designer, worked it all out.

We are getting a super functional layout that is going to maximize the 87″ x 22″ space and update the room in a really bright and modern way.

Both Red and I will split the space equally (unfortunately) 😉 . He will get two hanging areas as will I and he will take the top 3 drawers and the very top, center, shelf. Since his is 6’5″, I thought that was only fair. Jamie made a joke that she could never live with this closet; she’s 5’1″; it was pretty funny. The open shelving next to the drawers is for shoes. Maybe a few of my favorite purses. I’m not sure yet but we are still a ways off from filling this closet in. Luckily, he has no need for a bunch of shoe space so I’ll get to take over some of the “his” shoe area. Yay!

We are on the waiting list for installation now that the design has been approved and I can’t wait to get this part of our home checked off of my ‘To-Do’ list.

Until Next Time!


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