I mentioned before the “love at first sight” experience I had with our new house. One thing I didn’t love was the closet. It is a reach-in closet. I haven’t had to live with a reach in closet since I was about 6 years old so, needless to say, accepting the fact that I would have to go back to such a small space was a little scary. I mean, I love a good shoe. I have too many shoes. Where were all my shoes going to go?! Before I fell too deep into a spiral of panic, I decided the first interior space I was going to spend money on was the master closet.

We¬†do not have the budget to do any major demolition which is what we would’ve needed in order to make the room bigger and functional. We do, however, have a little bit of wiggle room in our budget to have someone come in, design and install a more functional closet space.

Here is a little visual of our wish list:

I am determined to get it all; mainly, because the closet is so small that every inch of space needs to serve a purpose. I will be shopping around to find a business that can give me all I want at a decent price. Wish me luck!

Until next time!


Feature image via The Hairpin.

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