Mom Community Monday: Weekly Round-Up

Mom Community Monday: Weekly Round-Up

Happy Monday!

We are back at it again for #MCM – I love these Mom Community Mondays. I hope you find something here that sparks a little joy. ( I may or may not be finally reading Marie Kondo’s book).

Michael C. Reichert is out with a book, ‘How To Raise a Boy’ that gives amazing insights on how to set aside hypermasculinity to cultivate an environment that will produce a well-rounded adult man.

Science says, “do these 5 things every day to raise a successful kid. Easy-peasy, right? lol. The first thing, “Stay On Top Of Them’, really resonated with me. When I was in grade school, my mom would drop me off and, as I was getting out of the car she would say, “Make it a point to learn something.” and every day, when she would pick me up, she’d ask what I had learned. Articulating the expectation of learning something while at school made me more aware of my purpose at school and, as an adult, I am continuously looking to expand my skill sets and my understanding of everything around me. And everything else in the article is relatable and interesting.

Huff Post collected some hilarious tweets from parents and I live. Something about laughing at the pains of other parents…’s really special; I feel seen.

Blogger Elsie Larson over at The Larson House wrote about throwing her daughter’s 4th birthday party and lowering the bar and I loved it. As someone who has had wildlife, butterflies, and multiple bounce houses at my kid’s birthday parties, I enjoyed this read since my husband and I have been scaling back our celebrations as the kids get older.

A gay dad’s perspective on raising his son with pride and what that means to him and his husband versus what it may mean to their son. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Well, there it is! I hope you found an enjoyable read in this post. Remember to share what you liked with your mom group and may your will to parent well be strong and your coffee/tea be stronger. 🙂

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Mom Community Monday: Weekly Round-Up

My Favorite Natural Fiber Bags

I’ve always loved a natural fiber bag and over the past couple of years, it’s made me so happy to see so many more beautiful options. Now that it’s summer time, the “trend” ( I put the word in quotation marks because I truly believe that a natural fiber bag/purse is classic. Maybe the colors become trendy but that foundation of the bag is classic and timeless. But I digress…) can be see all over the place and I’m not mad at it. Not one bit.

Here are some of my favorite bags. I hope you find one that speaks to you! Personally, I just want a budget that allows me to own every single one. Lol. Am I asking too much? 🙂

What’s your favorite from the list?

1-The Macro Fanny pack is all of my mom dreams come true. A belt bag to keep my hands free for my kiddos and in the perfect material. – Individual Medley.

2-Black Beach Tote by artisans in Madagascar and offered through The Little Market. I love that this brand pays the artisans upfront, not after an item is sold. That is true fair trade and I’m in full support of that.

3-This Palm Backpack is gorgeous. I’ve packed it up and taken it to Puerto Rico and St. Lucia and worn it through and through; this backpack has kept it’s shape and is still so beautiful. It’s also sooo roomy! – Souk Bohemian

4-The Fiesta Tote is just fun. This is a pretty typical style that you see in San Antonio since there is such a heavy influence of Mexican culture. The colors and poms are beautiful and fun.- x Artisans of IQ

5-The Straw Catania Tote is so dynamic in its shape and weaving. I absolutely love it. – Madewell

6-Lavender + Pink Cardita Bag is perfection in a small wristlet style purse. – Indego Africa

7-The Rope & Straw Crossbody Baby – World Market

8-Boxy Rattan Crossbody – Nordstrom

9-Lala Backpack by Nomah Project – Oh Joy! 



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