A Guide to Fun Swim Suits :: Girls Edition

A Guide to Fun Swim Suits :: Girls Edition

I have to say, I’m really impressed with the swimsuit lines of 2019. I’ve been having a ball just perusing the inter-of-nets at all the amazing options. If we had a pool in our own backyard, I’d definitely have an absurd amount of suits for myself and the kids but…..we don’t and so I’ve contained my urges.

Milly’s bathing suits from last year still fit her (for the most part) so I only bought her a couple this summer and, oh man, are they cute. And she loves them. And I love them….. I probably shouldn’t be so excited but I am. lol. 

Here are some of the swimsuits that I was considering before pulling the trigger on the ones shes now wearing. It’s a mixture of small brands and large and I was clearly taken by specific colorways and patterns this season. I mean….the stripes?! I die.

crew cuts long-sleeve one-piece – J.Crew

bubblegum strip – June & January

mint stripe & flutter sleeve – Minnow Swim

pink strip rashguard – Minnow Swim

mini stars – Billabong

color block collared one-piece – Maisonette

cut-out painted squares – Pink Chicken


Mom Community Monday – Weekly Round-Up

Mom Community Monday – Weekly Round-Up

Hey! Yep, it’s that time again. I so enjoy these round-ups. I hope you do too. This has been a great season of reading for me which seems crazy considering that my schedule has never been busier. Make time for yourself! I always feel better about myself when I take time to sit and read

We are mid-summer break and you’ve probably gotten into a nice little groove with your people but it’s never too late to make your backyard more fun and this article from gives you some tips and tricks.

Here are the pros and cons of the infamous diaper bag & tote dilemma.  As a new mom, I struggled with this decision. As a second-time mom, I struggled with this. lol. There really is, in my opinion, no such thing as a perfect diaper bag. If there is, I never found it. I always was adding pouches, removing insets, dragging a tote bag around with me as well….it can be a pain, sure, but I thought this article really laid out some good points for each.

This article from Whitney Port on post-partum nutritional needs was a really good read and applicable to moms in all stages of motherhood; not just in those few months after bringing new life into the world.

I love banana pudding and this recipe from Baby Boy Bakery is really good. I also love that it’s something that I can make with my kids without any high anxiety of kids around stoves and sharp objects. There is plenty of research that shows that letting your kids into the kitchen will have positive effects on them. If you’re into it and a little less paranoid than I am, I also found a really solid list of kitchen tools made specifically for little hands.

How has summer break been treating you? It is hot as hell, here, in Texas but we are making the best of it. We are traveling for a family reunion next weekend and we are all pretty pumped for that but, like I mentioned last week, we have been staying firmly rooted at home and have been enjoying the stillness to the fullest.

Happy Monday!

Until next time,

*all photos in this post are from the corresponding article and were not created by me.




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