Gifts For Parents Who Focus On Inclusion

Gifts For Parents Who Focus On Inclusion

As a multi-racial woman and mother, I’ve always focused on finding toys that represent my kids and other POC and/or marginalized groups.

Representation really, really, matters and if you are lucky enough to understand that, it probably means you have seen yourself in popular forms of media and art. For me, it’s problematic for my daughter to only find beauty in an Elsa doll or for my son to think it’s “weird” to be in a wheelchair. 

Understanding and inclusion, I believe, comes from contact. Most, if not all, generalizations don’t hold up to contact with the group being generalized. 

Toys & books are a good starting place and I love every item on this list.

Olive Paper Doll Kit \\ ‘‘Golden Domes & Silver’ Lanterns Children’s Book \\ Ballerina Jewelry Box \\ Angel Ornament Doll \\ Ali – Maxi Doll \\ Ashlyn Doll \\ Faces From Around The World Matching Game \\ Diverse Abilities Doll Set \\ ‘Love Is’ Children’s Book \\ Mr. Sun & Friends Dolls \\ ‘Jeremy’s Dreidel’ Children’s Book \\ Heart For Hearts Native Doll \\ LEGO ‘World People’ Set

Gifts For Anyone Who Lives In Their Kitchen

Gifts For Anyone Who Lives In Their Kitchen

To be honest, I’ve never been one to looove spending time in the kitchen. I love eating baked goods, not necessarily baking them and I love fresh juice but I always hate the clean up. Some people (like my mom) find cleaning therapeutic. For me? Not really.

Don’t get me wrong, I still bake and I still juice but some people really love being in the kitchen. Ever since buying our home, I’ve been getting this itch to start having people over and cooking more for friends and family. Who knows if the desire to do that will stick around? 2019 may make me a ‘hostess with the mostest’. But for right now, that’s not the case. Not like it is for my mom and sister — The kitch’ is their happy place in the home. Maybe, this holiday season, you can help beautify that area for that kitchen-y person in your life. This gift list is for them.

Porcelain Juicer w/Pitcher – Small and beautiful and perfect when it’s time to make fresh juices for mimosas.

Bud Vase – Maybe you’re not great at keeping a bunch of plants alive. Maybe you just want a little flower to brighten up the breakfast table. This bud vase from Year and Day is beautiful and comes in four really pretty colors.

Dip Dishes – This is great for family-style meals or rationing out ketchup for all the little people in your life.

Goddess Runner – This beautiful runner will go with so many types of decor and can dress up a table or simply pull your casual look together.

Reclaimed Serving Board & Cloche – Beautifully displayed fruit (or donuts) in this bad boy! That’s all I see.

Equal Measures Print – If you were ever going to put a print in your kitchen…

Glass Milk Carton Creamer – Any coffee or tea lover would love this. Waking up early and enjoying a hot beverage is part of so many people’s routine. That routine just got a whole lot prettier.

Take Out Serving Bowls (Big) and (Small) – I just think these are so cool. Any Chinese take-out lover will get a kick out of these.

Glass Teapot – This tea pot that doubles as an infuser? Yes, please.

Stainless Steel French Press – Looks prettier and takes up way less counter space than most coffee makers which is great if you are short on counter space or are just a fan of preparing coffee this way.

Stonewear Chips & Salsa Server – Any hostess (or homebody) knows the power of chips and dip.

Silhouette Carafe Set – A “his and hers”, if you will. Put them out for brunch and keep them out as art…they are just that good-looking.

Glass & Maple Fruit Stand – I am obsessed with this piece! Functional and beautiful and smart. I couldn’t ask for more and any kitchen lover will love this.

Wooden Appetizer Plates – These plates can go traditional or MCM depending on how they are styled.

Fridge Beverage Dispenser – purified water, chilled and ready to drink right out of the fridge without having to take the entire canister out? Yes, please. It’s the little things that make a bid difference in your fridge organization.

Glass Sugar Canister – Again, a great addition to the coffee or tea lovers repertoire.

Happy Shopping!




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