Big News! Alice & Eddy Party

Big News! Alice & Eddy Party

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! Things have been super busy on this end. I have been making my way through the new reality of being a stay at home mom of three (two kids, one hubby). It’s been a mixture of things but more on that later.

Today, I want to talk about my big news–I have gone into business for myself! This blog has always been a creative outlet. I love to write and share my experiences and dump all of the photos that I love on to anyone who is interested. I decided to take my creative nature and professional experience and turn it into something that can make me some money! Not a bad idea, I would say.

As you may already know, my background is in professional sports. Amongst other things, I planned and managed events–dinners, weekend getaways, party buses, street fairs, marathons– you name it; and I loved it.

After becoming a mom, I became obsessed with planning events for kids. Not just mine and not for anyone specific just an all-around obsession. I was reading articles, blog posts, taking mental notes and figuring things out. It was really inspiring. My experience in planning events for adults (who are not nearly as fun) turned into a love for styling children’s parties. I talk about it a little more in depth in my intro on the site (here). Check it out! Tell me what you think! I’d love to hear from you.

I’m really excited about this, you lovely people. Like…really excited. So, here’s the just of it:

I have opened an online party supplies shop that offers the really unique “special find” type of party supplies that I look for when planning a party for my kids. I always want it to be special, I always want it to be memorable and photo-op ready. I tend to avoid waiting until the last minute to plan a party. That comes with extra stress that I don’t need and a run to Party City which I don’t really care for. It’s all just so cookie-cutter and mass-manufactured and I’m not for it. Sometimes you just have to, sure. But if I don’t have to, I absolutely don’t. My kid’s won’t be little forever so I don;t want to miss any opportunity to make things extra special.

I am also offering custom styling services. Basically, you give me the details, we talk it out and then I style a party out, make or curate all of the items and then send them to you. What you receive is everything you need to set up a party, directly to your doorstep. This can mean tabletop supplies and minimal decorations for a party of 12 or indoor and outdoor decorations, photo props and backdrops, tabletop supplies and goodie bags for a party of 40. I am doing it all and loving every minute of it. I am also posting craft and DIY ideas over there!

My office is completely cramped; there are tassels and confetti and backdrops and piñatas! It is literally crazy town. But I am sooooo excited to dive in.

Check out the site (here). Look around & get in touch with me for your kid’s next party! I have also linked the shop to the Alice On Sunday blog. You can find the link on the home page! Thank you for all your support.

With love from Texas,


Hurricane Harvey. The Aftermath.

Hurricane Harvey. The Aftermath.

It’s surreal. Watching commercials that are asking for relief funds for the city that I am living in. People have really lost it all. My next door neighbor’s friend lost his 3-month old baby during a rush of water. My sister-in-law’s entire home was under water and she’s lost everything.

The damage and devastation that Hurricane Harvey has caused to my husband’s city….to my kid’s city…is undeniable and unbelievable. I am completely heartbroken. Meanwhile, our own home went unscathed. We experienced zero damage. Our biggest struggle was losing power for less than an hour. My kids enjoyed the lazy days in by watching every movie a million times and I spent most of the days cooking real food–multiple pots & skillets required kind of food. My family in San Antonio, TX went business as usual with a little wind and drizzle. That’s it. How incredibly blessed am I? I almost feel a sort of survivors remorse mixed with extreme thankfulness. It is a whirlwind of emotion. But that’s it. Emotion. Not devastation.

RJ and Makenzie attend a prep school that follows the Houston Independent School District schedule and they have been closed since the Thursday before the hurricane hit. HISD is the largest school district in the greater Houston area and they just announced that due to the amount of damage to schools and city infrastructure, school has been postponed until the 11th. Teachers are starting FundMe campaigns to raise money to help them replace the classroom supplies and that has now been lost.

The kids’ school has a main building that houses several classes in the basement and both RJ and Makenzie’s classes were down there. I received an email this morning from their school saying that the teachers who were not devastated by the hurricane have come in to help bring the school back to life and were aiming to have the classrooms relocated and the school reopened by the 5th (the original date set out by HISD).

How amazing are teachers?! They are true blessings.

Things like this really remind you of all your blessings; and your humanity. I packed up the entire back of my car and donated things that I had originally planned on selling. People need clothes more than I need more money in my pocket. I donated some business suits, some clothes that still had tags on it (shame on me) and shoes that had never even been worn. We won’t dive into my consumer lifestyle right now. (This disaster also highlighted my need for change in that part of my life.)

I also won’t get into the corruption of some relief organizations because I want to focus on the positive: there are dozens and dozens of local relief projects who have been on the ground since the very beginning. If you are moved to donate, here are some links below:

*feature photo taken by local school teacher and photographer Nana Ankamah.

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