Protective Styles: 004

Protective Styles: 004

In my mind, this style was going to be two really high, braided poofs (you all know, I love me some poofs). However, anyone who has a child knows that “plans” do not always, or hardly ever, go accordingly when toddlers are involved. As soon as the comb hit the hair, little miss made it very clear that she was not having it.

Mom-3, Makenzie- approx. 10,000.

I did a co-wash with Mielle Organics detangling co-wash and it is amazing. It smells so good and, while I roll my eyes when I see the word “detangling” on a bottle, this product really does live up to the name. If you are a woman who grew up as a child with curly/kinky/coily hair and had multiple, unfortunate experiences with combs breaking in your hair then you understand my disbelief of a product that claims to be a detangler. This, however, is not your average product. Even the rat tail come slid through those curls like butter. BUTTER. You know what I mean.

Side Note: I mean, look at those curls and that color!

Anyways, after I realized that little miss wasn’t going to give me the time of day, I decided to do two bantu-knots on top and two-strand twists in the back that could stay in for a few days and would then give her some pretty texture in the back after I untwisted them.

I brushed the hair up to see exactly where I wanted the knots to go….

….then I made my parts.

The entire back side of her head was twisted into two-strand twists while the front was cornrowed in small sections and twisted into a bantu-knot.

And there you have it, folks! Simple and sweet.

The Decision to Quit

The Decision to Quit

I am not a quitter.

With that being said, I did quit my job to become a stay-at-home mom. Part of me ( a teeny tiny) part still feels like I’m crazy for it. I mean, I spent my whole life preparing for my career. I was obsessed with it.

At 16, I decided that I was going to go into sports business–male dominated. hard to break in to– how ’bout a little “Anything you can do, I can do better” motivation?

That was me.

I finished undergrad with a business marketing degree focusing on sport management. After that I started working multiple part-time jobs at different retail stores because..the economy. Side note: someone should really reconsider the idea that a college graduate is not going to have 2-3 years of experience “needed” for an entry-level job. I mean….What?! Yikes.

My life after graduation, after part-time retail jobs:

  • landed a job in the NCAA D-1 arena and was thrilled.
  • Moved out to Louisiana and realized I hated it
  • Applied to grad-school, got accepted (duh)
  • Moved back home, got engaged, got pregnant (what?!)
  • Transferred to the online version of my master’s program
  • Interviewed with the NBA while still in the hospital..2 days after giving birth to my son. (because I’m a go-getter)
  • Got the job

My mom came in to town to watch this 3-month old chunky-monkey in my arms while I worked 15-hour days during NBA All-Star. Then they came to see me at work.

After this job, I was on my way. I landed an internship with the Houston Rockets to finish my masters requirements; was offered a part-time position and was then promoted to full-time in the corporate sponsorship department.

Three years of making little money, then no money, then little money, I had made it. Corporate. 

Then things got really real. The NBA doesn’t sleep. I had 2 children at this point. I was missing soccer games and recitals and bed time stories and was miserable for it. I had done the work to lay a solid foundation to have a great career and my spirit wasn’t in it anymore because..motherhood.

And that’s my reality. That is not everyone’s experience. All women can have it all…even with minimal sick-leave and long hours and juggling a million hats– women can really have it all. The thing is, I didn’t want it all. I wanted bedtime kisses and soccer practices and mommy & me dances. That’s it. The motivation and the laser sharp focus I had on my career had refocused on my kids.

I’m content with that fact.

So here I am, maneuvering through my new reality. Getting use to it. Feeling (a little) conflicted by it. But it is a journey. Any one else going through it? How’s it going?

Until next time,




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