Is There Still Time To Do Some Halloween DIYs??

Is There Still Time To Do Some Halloween DIYs??

My kids and I will probably be at home, watching some ridiculous & non-kid-friendly movie like Chucky (thanks to dad) for Halloween night.

We don’t celebrate halloween and we don’t hand out candy. What is with that, anyways?! No parent lets their kids eat that amount of candy on aaannnny other day of the year and then we overdose on it come Oct. 31. lol. My kids are naturally hyper, no need to add sugar to the mix. Anyways….

We did, however paint some pumpkins because I love a good craft and pumpkins can, basically, be bought anywhere around this time. If your kids are still really young like mine, you might be leaning towards some non-cut options for your pumpkin decorating.

Remember when I wrote about starting up my small party business, Alice & Eddy Party? Well, I posted a pretty cool halloween DIY over there are that blog. You can check it out here.

If you decide to give it a try, post some photos here or over on the A&EP blog. I would love to see!

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Art Installations. The Orange Show

Art Installations. The Orange Show

I think it’s important that my kids are exposed to as many things as possible while their minds are still open to change and curious about everything and, at the same time, in it’s prime state of absorbing lots of information. I also believe that art is extremely important.

I try to respect the idea (generally from people without kids) that not every environment is meant for children. Maybe a fine arts museum isn’t the best place for toddlers. Maybe all the adults there are looking at me sideways for interrupting their experience with my kid’s exclamations of “Ewwww, mommy! Why is she nakey?!” I get that.

That’s why The Orange Show art installation is probably the best (and most random) thing I’ve ever stumbled across. And kuddos to Houston for being as weird and as random as it can be!

I found this place by accident. Solid gold. My mom had come in town and we were exploring a new park that is located in the middle of an old neighborhood about 20 minutes from our house. We live in the subs and I have found that the parks inside the loop have more to offer in terms of the kinds of playground equipment provided. A swing set and slide is always nice but rock walls and foam pits are also nice, right?

Anyways, we parked outside of the neighborhood and started to walk to the park when we passed this undeniably weird building structure. I told my mom that once we left the park, we just had to go check it out. I didn’t even know what it was at that point. There are no signs but I knew no one could possibly be living there.

We found the entrance and walked to find a young man hanging out with his laptop and headphones in. I asked him what the deal was with the place and he explained that the building was an art installation called The Orange Show Monument; It was built single handedly from 1956 until its completion in 1979, by the late Jefferson Davis McKissack, a Houston postal worker. WHAT?! We paid the entry fee and went exploring. The kids had so much fun and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t equally excited to explore the area.

Today’s wanderlust? Quenched.

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