Outside Essentials for RJ’s Sensitive Skin

Outside Essentials for RJ’s Sensitive Skin

RJ, bless his heart, has my skin. That “high-yellow” (for lack of- and no interest in finding- a better term) skin that burns easily in the sun and the “sweet” blood that attracts every kind of mosquito and ant in a 15 mile radius. Did you know there have been studies that show that certain blood types do, in fact, attract mosquitos? It’s true. RJ, in addition to being the sweetest kid on earth, must have one of those mosquito-loving blood types.

Side Note: I was always so miserable growing up with all my mosquito bites and scars. My grandpa use to tell me that the mosquitos only messed with me, and not my cousins, because I was the sweetest person in the world and the sweetness ran in my blood. Way to make a girl feel special, right? It takes a special gift to turn a travesty to a honor but, let me tell you, I was honored.

Any ways, my poor, sweet, sweet, RJ has this same problem. After a couple of summers and island trips, I have listed some products below that are the best at protecting skin against insect and nature (sun) attacks.

  1. Lavender oil is great for preventing mosquito bites and soothing skin. Apparently, lavender is also known to stop bleeding, act as an antibacterial agent and an anti-inflammatory.
  2. Coconut Oil is, in my non-professional opinion, like a holy oil. Just bath in it, eat it…you get hit in the head with something? coconut oil…..Not really but it’s pretty amazing and it is another antibacterial oil that is great for itchy bits. You can also mix it with the lavender for a preventative method aaaaaand a smell good–RJ still has that perfect baby smell most days (bias mom, here) but the lavender is a strong second best.
  3. Citronella was a life saver during our trip to St. Lucia. We were shining like the sun but the mosquitos kept their distance.
  4. I’m an all around fan of The Honest Company and the sunscreen works.
  5. If a sunburn happens, and with skin like RJ’s it will, aloe vera gel is a soothing, natural way to cool the skin and give relief to an uncomfortable, unhappy baby.

Happy summer-ing!

Protective Styling:001

Protective Styling:001

This, my friends, is one of those 3-hour hair styles I mentioned in a previous post. I have to be in an especially good/all-together focused mood to get this kind of style done.

These particular photos are from Mothers’ Day weekend and, as moms tend to do (put their kids first.duh), I decided that little miss Makenzie Alice need to look extra extra pretty for my special day.

As I have mentioned before, braids just look better and prettier if they are done on clean, wet hair. I washed, deep conditioned, moisturized and oiled her hair down before I started braiding.

It probably stems from the fact that I, myself, am “tender headed” in the middle of my scalp but I almost always leave the middle of the head for last if I can help it. For this design, that is exactly what I did.

I parted her entire head into four sections with my parts going from ear to ear. I wanted to be able to see a bantu knot in every section of the hair that was braided down no matter what angle you looked at her so I staggered the bantu knots to achieve that look. I didn’t want there to be “gaps” in the style because of the cornrows.

Once I figured out where I wanted all of the knots to be placed, I parted the four sections accordingly and cornrowed her hair from root to end. You can see in the picture that the knots are made up of braids–not loose hair. That is so all of her hair would be in a “protective” style and I wouldn’t have to comb and re-do the knots every morning.


I left this style in for a week. Once I took the braids out, baby girl had this amazing braid-out (excuse the very literal, unimaginative style name) so I put her hair into two ponytails and let her rock that for a couple of days. I would still consider this part of the protective style since I didn’t comb her hair to achieve the look (this would have taken the curl pattern away).


Just look at those beautiful poofs!




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