Fanny Pack Faves – The Round Up

Fanny Pack Faves – The Round Up

Let me just start off by saying that I am sooo happy that fanny packs have been making a major comeback over the past couple of years. I less of a dorky-old-mom for wearing them now that they are “cool” again.

I guess that means that I’m ahead of the fashion curve, I’m cool and people just didn’t know it yet. lol.

With so many options these days, I finally put a shortlist together of all my faves for both me and my babes. You’ll see that the styles vary and that’s really just because I dress to my mood and my moods can be all over the place. lol.

1-Neon Pink & CamoFree People – I’m a sucker for camo print so I instantly fell in love with this bag; it’s also big enough to hold a lot of things so it’s a perfect “mom bag”.

2-Seventeen Hip Pack in Plum – Herschel

3-The Waverly 2 – L&S – I love this sleek look and the blue color is classic and I’d wear it year ’round.

4-Girls’ Reverse Sequins Belt Bag – J.Crew – I love this one so much for Milly because it reverses from a pink to a really pretty light green.

5-Ace Fanny Pack – Dagne Dover

6-Ultralight Black Hole Mini Pack – Patagonia

7-Bobbi Fanny in Classic Camo – Parkland – snag this one for the little man in your life + the fanny pack from Free People and do a little mama & mini style!

8-Shapes Belt Bag – Call Me Sparkle – Seriously, the cutest belt bag for any little girl. I looooove it. Milly is going to flip when she gets hers in the mail.

9-Sprinkles Mini FannySticky Lemon – From their newest drop, this fanny pack is sooooo stinkin’ cute and totally on-trend for the season but I’m sure Milly will be wearing hers for years to come.

And that’s the list! Short & sweet, as usual. I hope you find something to accessorize your waist with. It’s trending, trust me.

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Mom Community Monday – A Weekly Round Up

Mom Community Monday – A Weekly Round Up

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope your weekend was great. Ours was pretty eventful. RJ had his last basketball game of the season. Writing that out reminds me that I need to register him for next season. I’m a habitual “late registration” kind of mom. I’m going to get better at that. Milly had tennis and I participated; if you saw my stories over on IG, you saw. It was cold but worth it. Their school also had its first annual music festival and it was really fun. I volunteered to photograph it and really enjoyed myself.

Anyways, here is my #MCM aka Mom Community Monday post, full of the usual. You know how this goes. I love reading up on parenting and motherhood and the things; this is a journey and I can do with some fresh insight and inspiration every once in a while (or all the time!).

I really loved this article by the NYT about “micro-dates” and reconnecting after kids. Red and I struggled with this. I was in my master’s program when I got pregnant with RJ and graduated when Milly was just a baby. It took me so long because of the added responsibility of kids and working and in all of that, refusing to give up on my dreams, my marriage just kind of stagnated. We are doing much better at reconnecting with each other these days but that was a loooooong road and we are still working on it.

If you are a stickler for schedules and bedtimes then homework, dinner and quality time can (unfortunately) get a little stressful. This article from Le Scoop Mag on the 30-minute cooking plan, centered around different types of scenarios and how to work around them is worth a scan.

Just in case you needed a reminder ( I usually do!): It is not selfish to make yourself a priority, moms, and dads! I repeat, IT. IS. NOT. SELFISH. IT IS NECESSARY. I definitely deal with parenthood guilt way more often than I would like. At least a couple of times a week, if I’m being honest, and that guilt use to follow me around every day. Especially when I was working away from home. You are not just a parent. You were an entire individual before you had those kids. Don’t forget about that person.

I laughed way too hard at this article. Mom-twitter is unbeatable.

Who else has been waiting for Disney + to launch? I have been really considering adding it to our streaming services because….Disney. I am a Disney girl; my entire childhood is tied up in Disney. Disney World with my family, all of the VHS recordings (I’m aging myself, I know) of my favorite videos that my grandpa made for me….I’m very nostalgic. I’m still on the fence and it’s only because…how many streaming services does one household really need? It probably needs Disney +. But maybe I’m biased. Here is an article with a 3-day verdict of the launch.

Have a great week! Drink water. Call your mom. Hug your kiddos.

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