Gift Guide For The Lounger

Gift Guide For The Lounger

Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again! I love so much about this time. Thanksgiving is a big deal in our family. We spend every Thanksgiving with my husband’s very large family and it’s a great time. People fly-in, drive-in and make it a point to be there. It’s loud and fun and there are laughs and a few arguments (because….family) and I look forward to it every year.

After Thanksgiving comes Christmas and it comes so quickly that I know you all are already planning out everyone’s gifts. Here’s a gift guide for the female homebody in your life. I mean, a man might really be willing to enjoy the comforts of a weighted blanket or get some great use out of a french press. George slips into my house shoes way too often (his feet are 6 sizes bigger than mine and I’m not sure why he insists on continuing to stick his toes in my slippers) so I’m sure that he would absolutely be caught in these neon pink and fuchsia slippers if I owned them. Ha! But, for the most part, this list leans “feminine”. I am the homebody in the house so I probably should have just been honest and called this post, “Gift Guide for Ashly” and just sent the link to my husband. Oh well. LOL.

Without further ado,  the gift guide for the homebody in your life. Everything one would need for a night of Netflix/Hulu/Disney + and Chill.

1. Two-toned Neon Fluff House Slippers – Kip & Co

2. Silk Sleep Mask – Color Factory – I love my mask. Silk around the eyes is good especially if you’re still sleeping with a cotton pillowcase. It will protect your eyes from the dying and pulling properties of the cotton. And, it feels like a hug for your eyes. And it’s pretty. ‘Nuff said.

3. Kimono Robe – Hotel Havana

4. Weighted Blanket – West Elm – Like being hugged all night without the unnecessary body height of another person’s body. lol.

5. Cooling Eye Pads – Sephora

6. French Press – Yield

7. Black Pearl Eye Mask – Peach & Lilly

8. Volcanic Foot Mask – Lush – For the ultimate lounger whos willing to kick up her saran wrapped feet.

9. Massaging Beauty Rolling Machine – Nurse Jamie – Tracee Ellis Ross uses something similar to this and I just trust her.

10. Zodiac Silk Hair Wrap – Chambers Austelle – wrapping up your natural hair never looked sooooo good.

11. Washable Silk Pajama Set – Lunya – these PJs are the Ferrari of PJs.


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Fanny Pack Faves – The Round Up

Fanny Pack Faves – The Round Up

Let me just start off by saying that I am sooo happy that fanny packs have been making a major comeback over the past couple of years. I less of a dorky-old-mom for wearing them now that they are “cool” again.

I guess that means that I’m ahead of the fashion curve, I’m cool and people just didn’t know it yet. lol.

With so many options these days, I finally put a shortlist together of all my faves for both me and my babes. You’ll see that the styles vary and that’s really just because I dress to my mood and my moods can be all over the place. lol.

1-Neon Pink & CamoFree People – I’m a sucker for camo print so I instantly fell in love with this bag; it’s also big enough to hold a lot of things so it’s a perfect “mom bag”.

2-Seventeen Hip Pack in Plum – Herschel

3-The Waverly 2 – L&S – I love this sleek look and the blue color is classic and I’d wear it year ’round.

4-Girls’ Reverse Sequins Belt Bag – J.Crew – I love this one so much for Milly because it reverses from a pink to a really pretty light green.

5-Ace Fanny Pack – Dagne Dover

6-Ultralight Black Hole Mini Pack – Patagonia

7-Bobbi Fanny in Classic Camo – Parkland – snag this one for the little man in your life + the fanny pack from Free People and do a little mama & mini style!

8-Shapes Belt Bag – Call Me Sparkle – Seriously, the cutest belt bag for any little girl. I looooove it. Milly is going to flip when she gets hers in the mail.

9-Sprinkles Mini FannySticky Lemon – From their newest drop, this fanny pack is sooooo stinkin’ cute and totally on-trend for the season but I’m sure Milly will be wearing hers for years to come.

And that’s the list! Short & sweet, as usual. I hope you find something to accessorize your waist with. It’s trending, trust me.

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