Our Master Closet: The Wish List

Our Master Closet: The Wish List

I mentioned before the “love at first sight” experience I had with our new house. One thing I didn’t love was the closet. It is a reach-in closet. I haven’t had to live with a reach in closet since I was about 6 years old so, needless to say, accepting the fact that I would have to go back to such a small space was a little scary. I mean, I love a good shoe. I have too many shoes. Where were all my shoes going to go?! Before I fell too deep into a spiral of panic, I decided the first interior space I was going to spend money on was the master closet.

We do not have the budget to do any major demolition which is what we would’ve needed in order to make the room bigger and functional. We do, however, have a little bit of wiggle room in our budget to have someone come in, design and install a more functional closet space.

Here is a little visual of our wish list:

I am determined to get it all; mainly, because the closet is so small that every inch of space needs to serve a purpose. I will be shopping around to find a business that can give me all I want at a decent price. Wish me luck!

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How To Save Money While Traveling With Children

How To Save Money While Traveling With Children

Here’s the thing: Traveling can get really expensive. Before having kids, I was privileged enough to not have to worry much about costs. I do not, by any stretch of the imagination, come from a wealthy family. I grew up an only child and my parents had good, solid careers and one child to put all their attention to. SO, when I wanted to travel it was just a matter of figuring out when and where and what and why and my parents made it happen. Then I graduated from college, started working, and (without children) was able to save a nice amount of “play money” in my bank account.

Having children completely changed all of that and since I still had a love for travel, I had to figure out a way to make a similar budget that once worked for one person work for 4.

The obvious thing was to opt of out at staying in higher-end hotels. While all the amenities are nice, you may be surprised buy how much you don’t need when it’s not available to you. As long as lodging is clean, safe and has enough space to work with, you can pocket that extra cash for more adventuring. I almost always look at Airbnb listing under their “For Families” section. And let’s be honest, kids need very little. Any luxuries we, as parents, give our kids is for our own sake–not theirs. My two kids would be totally fine with a small, one bedroom hotel room or studio as long as they could watch some tv and sleep with mom and dad in the bed.

Anyways, a nice Airbnb or extended-stay hotel room is nice because you have access to a stove and refrigerator and this is where you can save the most money. Kids can (and probably prefer to) survive on snack foods and that is perfect if you plan to be out all day. Grab a cross-body insulated bag like this one and pack it to the rim of cheese and crackers and juice–my kids go-to snacks–and never have to stop for food while you are out. Take a trip to the local market and cook your main meals at your resting place.

My kids don’t do well for walking long distances and that probably won’t change for awhile (the main reason we are waiting to go to to Disney World). This is also why guided tours are great for families; you can usually find guided tours that include transportation and stops at multiple hot-spot locations for a decent price. You usually save by bundling visits rather than buying tickets at individual spots. What makes all this worth is, pass saving some change, is that you can see more during one day than you would exploring on foot. My kids usually fall asleep during the transport, enjoy the stops and then equally enjoying their cat-naps in between. Red and I get to see all the sights before the kids burn out. Win, win.

If you can, travel with a group. Maybe your brother or sister-in-law has a family with kids; plan vacations together! Not only do the kids get to create memories with their cousins, group rates for hotels and experiences are always more affordable. Some of my best childhood memories are of me and my cousins crowding into cars and making road trips with my grandparents.

If you are traveling with younger children who aren’t tied to a school schedule or are homeschooling, take advantage of your vacation time during off-seasons especially if you are traveling to a city where its largest industry is tourism. During high time, your family will always experiences a spike in prices…for everything.

One thing that I realized after several missed opportunities is this: create travel memberships for everyone in your family with every airline you travel with. You can only accumulate flying points for your entire family if each individual has a “membership” number. I went 4 years without getting flying points for my kids. Yikes.

If you can, avoid checking bags and pocket the money you would’ve spent to do so! You can jam pack your carry-ons by using vacuum seal storage compression bags. You will be amazed at how much more space you get when doing this. I was able to pack 3-weeks worth of clothes into a carry on!

Ok, family! I hope these tips help and inspire you for your next trip.

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