Mom Community Monday – A Weekly Round Up

Mom Community Monday – A Weekly Round Up

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We are coming off of our Fall break and I am feeling so refreshed and ready to get back in the swing of the day-to-day grind. Milly had a fever a couple of days ago and that put a damper on things a bit but other than that, the break was amazing.

Anyways, I put together some articles for your Monday Coffee read (or lunch break) that I hope you enjoy.

“Parents need to give their children the tools to understand their feelings, and it needs to be developed just like developing an understanding of other complicated and abstract concepts,” said Steven Meyers, a professor of psychology at Roosevelt University in Chicago. That quote was enough for me to want to continue reading the article by Catherin Pearson on Huffington Post Parents’ page. It also links to a really interesting opinion piece from the New York Times. Both are worth a read. Raising a son within a very masculine structure can be intimidating for me; me who grew up around mostly very strong women. My husband and I have had several talks about allowing him to get a grip and understanding of his feelings so he doesn’t grow up disengaged and angry. It’s something that, I think, we are both trying to prioritize and these articles gave great insight.

I really liked this article that talks to different health-pros on their “hidden gem” tactics on calming their children without a screen. Now, each of my kids has an iPad but that is not to say that they use them everyday or very often, even. Even with my attempts to keep the screen at bay (they only watch TV on the weekends), it’s always nice to get some new ideas and fresh advice, right?

With a cold front randomly hitting Texas, we are starting to feel like winter and I’m not mad at. I’m actually a cardigan and beanie girl which makes zero sense 90% of the year in Texas. But now?! Oh, yes, ma’am. I’m loving it. What I’m not loving is the need to stay indoors more to avoid the kids catching a cold or earache, etc. I found this cute little article on family fun indoors and it has some cute ideas. Obviously, some don’t apply to my family since we don’t have snow but some ideas we can try out!

I don’t know about you, but I love trolling Twitter as a way to get a good laugh. Here is a collection of some of the funniest parent tweets from this week!

I hope you find something funny and/or inspiring here this week.

With love and until next time,


Lunch Notes for Back-To-School from Mom & Dad with My Sticker Face

Lunch Notes for Back-To-School from Mom & Dad with My Sticker Face

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that I have been homeschooling my kiddos for a couple of years now. Well….that has all changed. RJ and Milly got accepted into a really good school and we accepted their offers.

The idea of the kids being away from me most of the day has been a rollercoaster of emotions but I’ve taken the opportunity to really pay attention to all the details that go into the things that they take with them to school. With the help of My Sticker Face, I created some really cute lunchbox and backpack notes with my George’s and my face on them. I imagine finding a sweet little note with mommy’s face on it will make my little kindergartener smile. I imagine RJ will think it’s hilarious and laugh really loudly like he does when something is both a surprise and funny to him. Both scenarios put this mama at (a little) ease.

These little notes were soooo easy to make. Go to My Sticker Face and select the package you want ( I chose the sampler sticker sheet so I could have a few different size options.) then upload a photo that shows your face well. They do the rest!

I took different colored card stock, printing paper, a glue stick and colored markers and just got creative!

Now is a great time to order because they are offering 25% off when you use the code ‘HAPPY25’ but the promotion ends on August 20th!

Happy Back-to-School, friends. I hope you have your tissues ready. I know I do!

Until Next Time!




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