The weather has been nice and begging me & my little ones to go outside and play around. The organization I work for is big on maintaining high environmental standards and we always have cool gifts and giveaways that support “being green”.

Since I work for a basketball team we went for digging up some dirt, and planting some basketballs! Let me explain….

Im not crazy, I swear.



This year, one of our partners created a wildflower seed packet shaped like a basketball. It is thee cutest thing ever.


I got some soil and RJ, Milly & I took to the outdoors to get dirty with my mom. We planted our basketballs & between making sure no one ate dirt or tried to force their sibling to eat dirt *face palm*, I tried to explained to them the life cycle of a plant.

After RJ gave up on waiting for the plant to sprout immediately, we enjoyed a little more time outside: bubble machines, music & running around. It really was a great day.



What are you and your tribe getting into? “Dirt” should always be the answer on Earth Day.



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