On March 13, I received an email from the kids’ school letting me know that, due to the spread of coronavirus, they would be extending Spring Break for another week and that we could expect to return to school the 23rd…..of March.

We all know how that panned out. Lol.

My husband had already gotten back on the road and was headed to the family ranch for work when the email came in. I called him right away and told him that we, the kids and I, would pack up and head to the ranch as well and spend a few days. Like I had mentioned before, I wanted to take advantage of every opportunity that gave me quality time with my kids. Being away from them during the school day was harder for me than I had expected. Well….I knew it would be hard but I didn’t expect it to not get easier as the school year progressed.

Anyways, even though we had just made it back to San Antonio from New Orleans, in my mind, there was no time to waste so I packed our car up and got back on the road the next day, determined to spend at least 4 days at the ranch before heading back to the city for school.

The trip to the ranch from our city home is an almost 7-hour drive; it’s brutal. I hate it. lol. But, man, do I love being on the ranch in our little blue house. It all holds such a special place in my heart.

We spent the first few days just breathing in the fresh air and talking about all the possible outcomes of what was happening in the world. Everything we knew or thought we understood was up for debate; we had never lived through anything like this pandemic before.

This extended Spring Break was completely welcomed in our house and we gathered eggs, ran our dogs, fed the horses and the cows, and just enjoyed the slow pace of things.

It wasn’t until the second email from our school came in, extending the school closure through the rest of the month of March and laying out the groundwork for distant learning that things became a little tense.

Sheltering in place and social distancing are pretty easy rules to follow when you have the privilege to live on acreage. Being able to let the kids run wild was so good for the soul. Finishing the kids’ schooling at home without any prep time is a completely different story; a story I’ll save for another day because….sheesh. LOL.

We ended up staying on the ranch until the end of May. Just typing that sentence out still feels insane. It’s July and it still feels unreal. That was our reality.

The world is crazy right now, isn’t it?!¬†Until Next Time,


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