One of the wonderful things about this small business community is just that…the community. In supporting handmade and small businesses, I have made some awesome connections and my kids have made lots of new friends.

I really stumbled into the mom community on Instagram haphazardly. Lots of small businesses use the social platform as their main source of marketing and connecting with potential customers. I admit, this is where I find most of the shops I support. The thing about small shops, you generally can’t just google search and find them. These are small businesses that don’t get the kind of traffic to their sites as the Targets or Zara kids of the web. Most are also considered “slow fashion” meaning they only produce new clothes a few times a year rather than every other week like mass-production brands. These variables (and others) make it harder for these shops to rise in the ranks of web-search positioning. Ok, that was a really long intro..I’m done.

I say all that to give you an idea of just how important platforms like IG are for these brands. Finding and supporting and falling in love with brands in this way is really special. I love how I get to peek into their everyday lives, talk to them directly and connect with other parents that support them…those parents usually support other amazing brands and I get introduced to new & amazing lines all the time in this way.

This is also how I got into the “brand rep” community. A lot of these brands offer samples or steep discounts for their products to parents who have a decent following on IG. In our case, we usually work with this awesome photographer who specializes in brand/commercial shoots for small businesses. She partners with brands and then sets up photo shoots with local brand reps. That’s us!

We’ve done several shoots with her. Makenzie always has a ball;she loves being in front of a camera.

Featured Brands:

Photographer for all shoots featured: Iridescent Photography

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