I am not a quitter.

With that being said, I did quit my job to become a stay-at-home mom. Part of me ( a teeny tiny) part still feels like I’m crazy for it. I mean, I spent my whole life preparing for my career. I was obsessed with it.

At 16, I decided that I was going to go into sports business–male dominated. hard to break in to– how ’bout a little “Anything you can do, I can do better” motivation?

That was me.

I finished undergrad with a business marketing degree focusing on sport management. After that I started working multiple part-time jobs at different retail stores because..the economy. Side note: someone should really reconsider the idea that a college graduate is not going to have 2-3 years of experience “needed” for an entry-level job. I mean….What?! Yikes.

My life after graduation, after part-time retail jobs:

  • landed a job in the NCAA D-1 arena and was thrilled.
  • Moved out to Louisiana and realized I hated it
  • Applied to grad-school, got accepted (duh)
  • Moved back home, got engaged, got pregnant (what?!)
  • Transferred to the online version of my master’s program
  • Interviewed with the NBA while still in the hospital..2 days after giving birth to my son. (because I’m a go-getter)
  • Got the job

My mom came in to town to watch this 3-month old chunky-monkey in my arms while I worked 15-hour days during NBA All-Star. Then they came to see me at work.

After this job, I was on my way. I landed an internship with the Houston Rockets to finish my masters requirements; was offered a part-time position and was then promoted to full-time in the corporate sponsorship department.

Three years of making little money, then no money, then little money, I had made it. Corporate. 

Then things got really real. The NBA doesn’t sleep. I had 2 children at this point. I was missing soccer games and recitals and bed time stories and was miserable for it. I had done the work to lay a solid foundation to have a great career and my spirit wasn’t in it anymore because..motherhood.

And that’s my reality. That is not everyone’s experience. All women can have it all…even with minimal sick-leave and long hours and juggling a million hats– women can really have it all. The thing is, I didn’t want it all. I wanted bedtime kisses and soccer practices and mommy & me dances. That’s it. The motivation and the laser sharp focus I had on my career had refocused on my kids.

I’m content with that fact.

So here I am, maneuvering through my new reality. Getting use to it. Feeling (a little) conflicted by it. But it is a journey. Any one else going through it? How’s it going?

Until next time,


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