We are digging in our heels and it feels good. I never thought I’d enjoy (read: accept) dirt on my clothes and tiny bugs on my skin. It’s different, that’s for sure. Different has been good to us.

I’ve had lots of time to whip out my camera (and i-phone) and get some shots. The great thing is: I’m not just taking photos…I’m really taking in the scenery. I’m really living it and capturing it at the same time. That’s the plus side of slow living. There’s not rush to take the photo, rush on, and then experience view later on from a screen. I can stand in one spot for several minutes and look and smell and let my mind wander for a moment before I even reach for something to capture the moment with.

I’ve been doing that a lot lately and I’m better for it. My kids are better for it. My husband is at peace. The move has been profound for us. A new chapter in our lives together that is turning out to be better than all the rest.

Here are some of the views we’ve enjoyed recently. I hope you enjoy them too.

Country roads are so quiet and peaceful. I actually pulled over, walked out into the center of the road, fumbled to take my phone out, snapped several photos, got back into the truck and drove off before every seeing another car.

Every time I see this horse, I smile. It’s a horse and a cow….because of the spots. My husband just gave me a side eye but I know he sees it too. Don’t you?

She begged to get on his shoulders and then panicked and held him around his neck so tight until I thought that she was choking him. She immediately asked to be put back on his shoulders when he sat her down.

Over four dozen eggs in that basket; a pretty good harvest and their size wasn’t bad either.




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